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'Excellent healthcare requires evidence-informed models for the education of future and current healthcare professionals. Through research, education, and innovation, SHE works towards a world in which all healthcare professionals are well educated and in the best position to contribute to high quality care'. - Pim Teunissen, Research Director and Anique de Bruin Vice-Director of SHE.

Our research programme

SHE’s research programme 2018-2023 is called Task-Centered Learning Environments in the Health Professions. The full description of the programme can be found here. The programme has four main themes:

  1. Goals and values of and approaches to evaluation
  2. Approaches to instruction
  3. Approaches to assessment
  4. Approaches to implementation

Research on education is crucial to increase our understanding about how to optimally educate health professionals in order to prepare them for the delivery of high-quality care within the dynamic context of the healthcare setting and to support innovations in education. Current instructional design approaches emphasises the importance of using task-centered learning environments within training programmes, in which learners either work on professional tasks in the clinical workplace or on learning tasks based on professional problems in the educational institute.

PhD programme

SHE offers a PhD programme with high internationally recognised standards and you will be guided by qualified supervisors. Educational research is essential for finding new and better ways to educate doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other health professionals. The general aim of the PhD programme is to develop the next generation of health professions education researchers who can contribute to research and innovation in health professions education.

SHE Presents

SHE organises four online ‘SHE Presents’ sessions per year in which SHE PhD candidates present and discuss their research with the SHE audience. This is done at the start of the PhD trajectory in the ‘SHE Presents New Candidates’ sessions and about halfway through the PhD trajectory in regular ‘SHE Presents’ sessions. These sessions contribute to the SHE Community by allowing presenters and audience to share thoughts and ideas on ongoing research and by getting to know peers within SHE who are working on similar and different topics. For access to previous SHE Presents sessions, visit our SHE YouTube channel. 

    Current PhD theses 


    Completed PhD theses in the past 6 years 


    For open access of theses or publications older then 2016, see also Cris.