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SHE Collaborates

'Working in a global context in health profession education is so very challenging and diversified; it is not a job, it is a lifestyle!' - Emmaline Brouwer, managing director of SHE Collaborates.

Introduction video by Emmaline Brouwer

Our approach

SHE Collaborates
Picture taken during a project of the review of a midwifery curriculum to include innovative learning strategies.

SHE Collaborates is the office for international collaboration of the School of Health Professions Education (SHE). This branch of international activities and collaborations offers a tailored approach to innovative training and consulting in the areas of education, management and research on a global scale. In doing so, SHE Collaborates capitalizes on Maastricht University’s nearly 50 years of experience in implementing student-centered learning in medicine and health sciences. It is SHE Collaborates’ aim to promote improvement in health professions education practices worldwide through collaboration with partners from a variety of disciplines, educational backgrounds and cultures.

Internationally, SHE Collaborates is creating impact through numerous consultancy and development projects, including faculty development and support in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) implementation and curriculum design. SHE Collaborates engages in long-term educational development projects based on requests from (educational) institutes abroad. For a successful collaboration, it is pivotal to learn about specific needs, wishes and interests of our partners, and to understand the local context.

In case the partners are in the Global South, SHE Collaborates not only assists in developing a project plan to address their needs in capacity development in the area of health professions education, but also tries to attract donors to find the resources to execute these projects. SHE Collaborates’ staff coordinates these partnerships (project and financial management) and contributes as educational facilitators in the capacity building activities. Depending on the needs and expectations, the SHE Collaborates team members involve other consultants from SHE, Maastricht UMC+, other Dutch institutes for Higher Education, NGO’s, and local partners in the South etc. Through our wide (inter)national network of educational and/or health experts, we can address the capacity development needs in a contextualized manner.

Mission & objectives

SHE Collaborates' mission is to improve healthcare globally, by facilitating higher educational institutes in realizing educational innovation. We provide quality and excellence in our tailor-made services. SHE Collaborates aims to maintain long-term collaborations with institutes for medical or health sciences in countries all over the world.

For whom

SHE Collaborates cooperates on request with higher education institutes, governments, organizations and individuals worldwide. Are you looking for experts in facilitating innovation in higher education? Are you a manager who needs coaching and support through a process of change in your higher education institute? Are you, as a doctor, paramedic or teacher, keen to access a worldwide network of educational expertise? Then SHE Collaborates could be the right partner for you.

Here you can find an overview of our partners.

SHE Collaborates works with:

  • Higher education institutes including universities and vocational schools in the area of health professions education
  • University management, presidents and deans
  • Health professionals including medical doctors and paramedics
  • Teachers
  • Education designers & curriculum innovators
  • Researchers
  • Ministries of Health and Ministries of Education