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The School of Health Professions Education (SHE) is a graduate school for research, education and innovation in health professions education. Since its inception, the vision and mission of SHE has been clear. We consistently focus on having a global impact on healthcare through research and translating this into education. SHE’s ambitions are captured in our vision: excellent healthcare requires evidence-informed models for the education of future and current healthcare professionals.

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An introduction to SHE by Pim Teunissen

Through our three core activities, we generate knowledge and insights that inform health professions education and practice change. Read more about our core activities:


  • In light of the fast developments within the use of generative AI, the SHE Management Team has developed guidelines for the use of AI.

  • Congratulations to Felicitas Biwer for receiving the Impact Award from Maastricht University for her academic work on Study Smart.

  • Were you absolutely cruising through your exams? Were you well prepared with plenty time to spare? Then Anique de Bruin’s work won’t change your life. But for everyone else, the Professor of Self-regulation in Higher Education has useful insights and tools. Together with a refugee scholar financed...

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