Continuation sheet

Continuation sheet

Letter templates

The existing letter template has been adapted to enable colour printing. This makes the preprinted letterhead paper with the UM logo obsolete. The templates include a header (in colour) containing the logo and the faculty/department name.

Below are examples of a quadrant 1 letterhead (left) and quadrant 2 letterhead (right).

Letter templates

Template list

Below you will find the list of download-links to all available templates. Quadrant 1 is for all faculties and services. Quadrant 2 is for all research institutes/A-brands. Most templates are available in both a Dutch and an English version. Some departments will only need the English versions.

Quadrant 2 – English

KvK number on all correspondence
Maastricht University is listed in the business register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, KvK), under the number 50169181. As a result, this number must be quoted in all UM correspondence. The KvK number is stated on the new letter template. For other documents, such as invoices, quotes, etc., the unit concerned is responsible for adding this number. For more information, please consult Kim Wiersma from Legal Affairs.

Order preprinted letterhead


New envelopes
The design and colour of the inside of some envelopes has been changed because, in some cases, the blue pattern appeared to stain the documents inside. Instead of blue, the house style orange colour will now be used.

The present envelopes with blue insides are to be used up first, so that they can be gradually replaced.

A number of envelopes with the new design can already be ordered via Andi Smart Print Solutions.

Internal envelopes

  • A5 (220 x 156mm) reply-paid nonwindow envelope
  • C4 (324 x 229mm) reply-paid nonwindow envelope
  • C5 (229 x 162mm) nonwindow envelope
  • C4 (229 x 324mm) nonwindow envelope

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External envelopes

  • C4 (229 x 324mm) postage-paid nonwindow envelope
  • C4 (229 x 324mm) postage paid window envelope
  • C5 (229 x 162mm) postage paid window envelope
  • C5 (229 x 162mm) postage paid nonwindow envelope
  • EB4 (371 x 262mm) nonwindow folio envelope
  • 371 x 262mm + 30mm stiff-bottom white jumbo nonwindow envelope

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External envelopes: bulk

  • C4 (229 x 324mm) postage-paid window envelope
  • C4 (229 x 324mm) postage-paid nonwindow envelope
  • C5 (229 x 162mm) postage-paid window envelope
  • C5 (229 x 162mm) postage-paid nonwindow envelope

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Contact Andi Smart Print Solutions for questions about envelopes.  

Intern envelopes
Envelopes payed
Envelopes not payed

Correspondence cards and 'with compliments' cards

Versions of both cards are available for all faculties. A general version that does not mention a faculty or department name is also available.

You can order these cards from Andi Smart Print Solutions.

Correspondence cards 1
Correspondence cards 2

A4 corporate folder

One ready-for-use house style medium already available for order is the general corporate folder (see image). If you wish to have a specific presentation folder designed, please contact the House Style Office to arrange its design by a preferred supplier.

A4 general corporate folders can be ordered from Andi Smart Print Solutions



Basic Word template

A basic Word template is available that can be used for internal reports or notes, for example.