Business cards


Ordering business cards via publishing platform (Cordeo)
Maastricht University’s digital publishing platform - Cordeo - now also includes a ‘Business Card Wizard’. This wizard will help you to efficiently design and order your own business cards.

If you have any questions about the Wizard, please contact the house style office:

Special requests
Please contact Andi Smart Print Solutions, if you have got special wishes that do not fit within the standard layout of the Wizard (if you, for example, would like to include two email addresses, or an additional job title). They are in charge of helping clients with special requests.

Andi Smart Print Solutions
Afrikalaan 40
6199 AH Maastricht-Airport
P.O. Box 66
6190 AB Beek
Tel. +31 43-3667160

*Maastricht University has contracted Andi Smart Print Solutions in Beek via a tender according to the European regulations for public procurement. Andi Smart Print Solutions from Beek (Maastricht-Airport) has been contracted for the production of all our standard stationary material, such as business cards, letter heads and envelopes. This means that these products can’t be printed at Canon anymore; they can only be produced by Andi Smart Print Solutions.

The fees for the production of business cards via the platform are significantly lower than the fees for production outside the platform:

Single-sided business cards:

  • 50 cards: 3,62
  • 100 cards: 7,25
  • 150 cards: 9,75