This is UM! video

This corporate video briefly, concisely and attractively explains in about 2 minutes what we stand for as a university and who we are. It is a general first impression of UM - no specific details are given about faculties, research, etc. It is the new ‘business card’ of the UM, fitting the current spirit of the times. 

The video is intended for the entire UM community: from researchers going to a conference to students, and for the introduction of new employees to alumni giving a presentation.


There are several versions, which you can watch below and download directly:

  • English video with English subtitles
  • English video with Dutch subtitles
  • Dutch video with Dutch subtitles
  • English video with the possibility to use a language switch (English-Dutch) in the subtitles
  • English video with data such as the number of UM students, staff, alumni and more
  • Dutch video with data such as the number of UM students, staff, alumni, and more. 
  • Trailer (30 seconds | English | Format 4:5)
  • Trailer (30 seconds | English | Format 16:9)


The different versions of the video can be downloaded directly below.


Feel free to share and spread the video, for example with the text below. If you share the video on social media, don't forget to use these hashtags: #MaastrichtUniversity and #ThisIsUM. You will also find some screenshots below that can be used as tumbnails. 

This is Maastricht University!
In this short video, you get a brief introduction to Maastricht University and its education, research, collaborations and community. This is my university, this is UM!

Dit is de Universiteit Maastricht!
In deze korte video krijg je een korte introductie tot de Universiteit Maastricht en haar onderwijs, onderzoek, samenwerkingen en gemeenschap. Dit is mijn universiteit, dit is de UM!

More information

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