UM Merchandise

Clothing, bags, pens, gadgets etc.

As well as on printed communication media, the UM logo can be used on t-shirts, sports shirts, sweaters, rucksacks, bags, pens, etc. You can ask one of the preferred suppliers to make designs for these products.

A number of articles can be ordered from stock via the UM gift shop:

Bachelor's Open Day UM October 2018

The following logo guidelines apply (exception is the "college-style" clothing line of Unigear):

  • The image (the two triangles) and word (the university's name) brands may never be applied separately.
  • The logo is preferably displayed in UM dark blue or black.
  • The background colour is preferably white. If this is impossible, choose a light background colour which makes the logo stand out.
  • The logo may not have bled edges.
  • For the sake of readability, the logo may not be smaller than 30 mm wide.
  • In some cases, for example when only one printing color can be used, the logo must be fully displayed in dark blue.