Programme details Critical Choices in Qualitative Research

The course duration is five weeks. Course sessions take place twice a week: on Monday and Thursday in the timeslot of 2.00-5.00 pm CET (Note that some sessions with your coach may be scheduled on other days). The course takes a “flipped classroom” approach, meaning that there is preparatory work involved for all online sessions. The preparations and online sessions together equal a time investment of about four hours per course day (i.e. twice a week, 10 days in total).

We organize three types of online sessions:

  • Plenary sessions: These are online sessions with the whole group facilitated by one or more teachers. These sessions can be online discussion sessions, question hours or workshops. They are scheduled at fixed times selected to suit multiple time zones (between 2 pm – 5 pm CET).
  • Coach team sessions: In a small team, at the start, middle and end of the course, you will meet your coach to discuss your individual project.
  • Peer team sessions: In small groups, you will meet with other participants to discuss the topic of the day and related assignments. The assignments serve as input for the plenary sessions that are scheduled after the peer team sessions.

Day 1

Introductions & getting started

  • Introduction to critical choices in qualitative research

  • Introduction of participants and research projects

  • Coach team session 1

Day 2

Paradigms & theoretical frameworks

  • Online lecture and plenary session
  • Peer team session 1 

Day 3 

Research approaches

  • Video series on research approaches and plenary session
  • Peer team session 2

Day 4

Methods & sampling

  • Overview of methods and sampling and plenary session
  • Peer team session 3

Day 5

Data analysis: coding

  • Data analysis workshop 1
  • Reflection on individual project
  • Coach team session 2

Day 6

Data analysis & peer feedback

  • Data analysis workshop 2
  • Peer review and feedback session

Day 7

Rigour & reflexivity

  • Interactive assignment and plenary session
  • Peer team session 4

Day 8

Interviews & focus groups

  • Workshop: interviews and focus groups

Day 9

Reflections & writing up

  • Online lecture on writing up qualitative research
  • Reflection on individual project

Day 10

Reflection & wrap up

  • Remaining questions and wrap up
  • Coach team session 3

End of the course