Print & digital media

A variety of print and digital media are available for which a layout grid and/or template is available, much of which can be ordered from Andi Smart Print Solutions.
Stock items such as envelopes and presentation folders can be ordered from the Andi Smart Print Solutions portal.

Below you find a short user guide:
- Click on the hyperlink.
- Select the preferred product group.
- Select the preferred item.
- Click on the button “Bestellen”.
- Enter the correct amount.
- Click on the button “Bestellen”.
- Optionally, you can order your next item.
- Once all the orders have been placed; please navigate to “Uw bestelling” (Shopping Cart).
- Select the option; “Bestelling afronden”.
- Choose your preferred delivery address.
- Fill out your budget number.
- Please note that the delivery date can be empty.
  (Please refer to the agreements made regarding this subject).
- Please fill out your name and e-mail address under “Besteller
  (On this address you will also receive a verification of your order).
- Then, select the option “Bestellen” again to complete your order.

Preferred suppliers

You can also commission media production from one of UM's preferred suppliers. Jump to:

Available print and digital media types

Available print and digital media types can be found via the left-hand menu. 

Design bureaus

Preferred suppliers

The following design bureaus have been selected by Maastricht University to design house style communication media.

Click here to download the design agency briefing form for quotations.


Design bureaus




Maastricht University put out a printing tender in accordance with European legislation. A tender was submitted for two different packages, namely:

Standard printing

This includes business cards, envelopes, folders, and compliment and correspondence cards. Andi Smart Print Solutions, a company based at Maastricht Airport in Beek, was contracted to handle our standard printing needs. All standard print jobs, with the exception of business cards, can be sent to Andi Smart Print Solutions' ordering portal.

Special printing

Special prints include brochures, posters, flyers, cards, invitations, annual reports, folders, etc. A variety of options are available for printing these types of products.
Two suppliers have been selected for special print jobs: Andi Smart Print Solutions and de Bondt Grafimedia Communicatie (Barendrecht).

You can order special prints in three ways:
1. Through the publishing platform. You will need to request an account via:
2. Directly through one of the two suppliers (if you have access to print-ready files).
3. Through a preferred supplier (design agency). In this case, the design agency is the primary contractor and is not required to submit the document to one of the two contracted suppliers.

Please note: According to the tender regulations, you must request a quote from all two suppliers for orders that exceed 5000 euros. You can then choose one of the two suppliers.

Print jobs

UM printing services are managed by ICTS and supplied by Canon. For more information, please go to the My Print page.

Design and layout

Design and layout work does not fall under the printing tender. Please contact one of the preferred suppliers to discuss the options.


Print suppliers

Media strategy, purchasing and planning

The ministry of General Affairs has issued a European tender for the procurement of media strategy, purchasing and planning. A joint action by all Dutch ministries, almost all government institutions are participating in this tender, which can be applied on a large scale. An example includes the discounts offered by media purchasing (Telegraaf, Persgroep, NRC etc.) by an average of 23%. Universities are also participating.

The tender was won by Initiative Media, a media agency that gives advice on all aspects of marketing and communications. The contract runs from 2021 to 2026.

Maastricht University has decided to join in carrying out this tender. This means that the parties involved are obliged by the government to enable the media strategy and planning from Initiative Media. This is a difference from previous contracts, which were only media purchasing, while this new contract includes mechanisms for media strategy and planning, an essential difference.

Outside of the scope of this tender are services that we conduct in-house and the creation and production of materials.

For questions you can contact Initiative:
Annick Pino or tel. 020 - 7993000


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