Publishing platform (Cordeo)

The publishing platform (Cordeo) is an application which allows users to create, manage and (re)order communication media through their internet browser. The publishing platform works according to the publish on demand model. It allows users to work in a fast and flexible manner, not depending on design agencies.

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Publishing platform

Request account and contact

Request a publishing platform account via

You'll receive two emails from a confirmation email and an email with your login details. You can then choose your password. Each account has certain user rights determined by what you need to do in the platform (Library, Studio, Webshop or all three).

Users training courses

Before you start working in the platform, it is important that you do a training course on a specific topic.

There is a training course and user guide for each website section. Click here to register for a training.


The platform saves costs by:

  • not having to pay for an external designer
  • saving at least 20% on printing costs by having a set network of suppliers on the platform
  • small orders: thanks to the print on demand model, there is no need to have large quantities in stock

Publishing documents via the platform is free, though you pay for printing. These costs are displayed before you complete your order.