PhD information

Our PhD programme enables participants to perform scientific research in the field of health professions education. By working on a number of research projects, guided by a team of (typically) three PhD supervisors, a PhD candidate develops the skills to independently conduct high-quality research. Our PhD programme helps develop the next generation of health professions education researchers who contribute to our field in leadership, educational and academic roles.

The PhD thesis will be defended at Maastricht University and after successful completion leads to an internationally recognized Maastricht University PhD degree!


PhD candidates are guided through their PhD by highly experienced and internationally acknowledged researchers. This team of three typically consists of two SHE researchers and they form the formal ‘PhD supervisory team’. Per project, the research team can be decided upon based on required expertise. All researchers will work in line with Maastricht University’s code for research integrity and ethics. You will have contact with your PhD team from Maastricht mostly by email and online meetings. Although the PhD programme is distance-based, the candidate will preferably come to Maastricht several times during the programme, for instance for the SHE Academy.


Maastricht University uses PhD track for quality and monitoring purposes. Within PhD track, a PhD supervisory team evaluates a PhD candidate each year. If the supervision team is of the opinion that the candidate has not made enough progress, they may advise SHE’s research director to end the PhD project. As a minimum requirement, at least one publication should have been submitted to an international journal after two years. PhD candidates will also evaluate their supervisors each year.