Sustainable Development Research at ICIS (now MSI) – Taking stock and looking ahead

MSI released a new book that gives an overview of the diversity and richness of ongoing and recent sustainable development research at the institute in 35 short chapters, and it introduces MSI research agenda for the coming years.

The book is intended for a broad audience of fellow researchers, collaborators from outside academia, students, and in fact everyone who is interested in learning more about the topics and types of research conducted at MSI. Enjoy reading!

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01 - Sustainable development research at ICIS 
Ron Cörvers, Joop de Kraker, René Kemp, Pim Martens and Harro van Lente
02 - The missing piece of the conservation puzzle: involving Western citizens in the conservation debate
Carijn Beumer
03 - The impact of ecosystems on human health
Bram Oosterbroek​
04 - Climate change as an amplifier of health risks: highland malaria in Africa
Maud Huynen and Pim Martens
05 - Sustainable development as a guiding principle
Annemarie van Zeijl-Rozema
06 - The dual challenge of sustainability transitions
René Kemp and Harro van Lente​
07 - The curious case of needs and innovation
Harro van Lente​
08 - The users of the technology: the case of solar PV in the Netherlands
Véronique Vasseur and René Kemp​
09 - Sustainability contributions to the energy system: more than one problem to address
Sjouke Beemsterboer​
10 - Sustainable business model innovation for positive societal and environmental impact
Nancy Bocken and Anja van Bogaert​
11 - Challenges in the transition to a circular economy: understanding the web of constraints to more efficient resource use
Marc Dijk and René Kemp​
12 - Sustainable development strategies: what roles for informal economy initiatives in the Post-2015 SDGs?
Paul Weaver
13 - The role of cultural diversity in sustainable development: a case study of three villages in Shaanxi province
Jing Wang and Harro van Lente​
14 - Governance of religious diversity
Laura Kurth​
15 - Global governance of fair labour: consequences of institutional change
Ceren Pekdemir​
16 - Global certification of agricultural products in Indonesia: curse or blessing?
Muhammad Ibnu, Sani Kosasih, Nia Kurniawati Hidayat, Astrid Offermans, Esther Sri Astuti and Atika Wijaya​
17 - Sustainable Forest Management as a potential integrative approach in international public policy
Joana Mattei Faggin and Astrid Offermans
18 - The role of ‘soft’ monitoring instruments for compliance with international climate goals
Martina Kühner
19 - The law as an instrument for climate protection: the case of integrated approaches to understanding emissions trading
Marjan Peeters
20 - Disentangling the causal structure underlying environmental regulation
Julian Blohmke, René Kemp and Serdar Türkeli
21 - Assuming change for the better: the role of assumptions in a change programme on food consumption
Julia Backhaus and Harro van Lente
22 - Diversity of student perspectives on sustainable development as a feature of a competence-based learning environment
Astrid Offermans, Ron Cörvers and Joop de Kraker
23 - Health in a borderless world: global health complexity
Maud Huynen and Pim Martens
24 - Working institutions from the inside out: action research for transformations towards sustainability
Alex Baker-Shelley
25 - The Perspectives Method: towards socially robust river management
Astrid Offermans
26 - Successful joint knowledge production: beyond credibility, saliency, and legitimacy
Astrid Offermans and René Kemp
27 - Knowledge production in sustainability partnerships: an exploration of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil
Astrid Offermans and Pieter Glasbergen
28 - Co-creative planning approaches inspiring high-quality growth
Reina Pasma and René Cimmermans
29 - Urban labs – a new approach in the governance of sustainable urban development
Joop de Kraker, Ron Cörvers, Christian Scholl, Tim van Wanroij
30 - Sustainability Assessment
Joop de Kraker and Marc Dijk
31 - Integrated Sustainability Assessment: an update on latest developments
Paul Weaver
32 - Globalisation and health: an indicator-based statistical analysis
Su-Mia Akin, Pim Martens and Maud Huynen
33 - Globalisation continues: The Maastricht Globalisation Index revisited and updated
Lukas Figge and Pim Martens
34 - Pro-active reflexivity: advancing the science-for-sustainability agenda
Paul Weaver
35 - Research for sustainable development at ICIS: taking stock and looking ahead
Ron Cörvers and Joop de Kraker