MCEL People

Directors: Ellen Vos and Bruno de Witte 
Associate Director: Maja Brkan
Coordinating team: Paul Dermine, Matteo Bonnelli
Secretariat: Lot van de Ven

MCEL Members

Abazi, V. (Vigjilenca)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law
Room B3.114
v​.​abazi​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Athanasiadou, N.

International and European Law, Faculty of Law
Room B2.103C
+31(0)43 3883330 natassa​.​athanasiadou​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Barents, R.

International and European Law, Faculty of Law Full profile

Biermeyer, T.

Maastr Inst for Transnat Legal Research, Faculty of Law thomas​.​biermeyer​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Bonelli, M. (Matteo)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law matteo​.​bonelli​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Brkan, M. (Maja)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law
Room D0.215
maja​.​brkan​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Broderick, A.C.

International and European Law, Faculty of Law
Room C3.317
+31(0)43 3883529 andrea​.​broderick​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Claes, M. (Monica)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law +31(0)43 3883048 monica​.​claes​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Claessens, S.J.F.J. (Sjoerd)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law +31(0)43 3883461 s​.​claessens​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Cotter, J. (John)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law john​.​cotter​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Dermine, P.L.M. (Paul)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law
Room C3.315
paul​.​dermine​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Devroe, W. (Wouter)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law w​.​devroe​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Eliantonio, M. (Mariolina)

Public Law, Faculty of Law m​.​eliantonio​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Fromage, D.B. (Diane)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law diane​.​fromage​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Gold, M. (Marie-Therese)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law +31(0)43 3883261 m​.​gold​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Gundt, N. (Nicola)

Faculty of Law, Public Law +31(0)43 3883022 nicola​.​gundt​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Heringa, A.W. (Aalt Willem)

Public Law, Faculty of Law aw​.​heringa​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Imamovic, S. (Sejla)

Public Law, Faculty of Law
Room B3.120
sejla​.​imamovic​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Jansen, O.J.D.M.L. (Oswald)

Public Law, Faculty of Law oswald​.​jansen​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Jongste, S. (Suzanne)

Private Law, Faculty of Law
Room D2.208
+31(0)43 3884873 suzanne​.​jongste​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Klosse, S. (Saskia)

Faculty of Law, Public Law +31(0)43 3882068 saskia​.​klosse​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Mei, A.P. van der (Anne)

Public Law, Faculty of Law +31(0)43 3884832 ap​.​vandermei​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Melin, P.V.M. (Pauline)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law pauline​.​melin​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Meyer, M. (Marcus)

Public Law, Faculty of Law marcus​.​meyer​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Müller, M.N.

Public Law, Faculty of Law
Room B1.107
mathias​.​muller​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Nascimento da Nobrega, S.A. (Sandra)

Public Law, Faculty of Law +31(0)43 3883307 sandra​.​nobrega​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Nguyen, H. (Hoai-Thu)

Public Law, Faculty of Law +31(0)43 3883140 hoai​-​thu​.​nguyen​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Nicolaides, P. (Phedon)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law phedon​.​nicolaides​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Ooij, E.C. van

Faculty of Law, International and European Law Full profile

Ott, R.A. (Andrea)

Faculty of Law, International and European Law a​.​ott​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Petkova, B.I. (Bilyana)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law
Room C3.319
bilyana​.​petkova​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Podstawa, K.I. (Karolina)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law karolina​.​podstawa​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Rauws, W.J.M. (Wilfried)

Public Law, Faculty of Law +31(0)43 3883293 wilfried​.​rauws​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Reslow, N. (Natasja)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law
Room D1.201C
+31(0)43 3884834 n​.​reslow​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Schneider, H.E.G.S. (Hildegard)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law +31(0)43 3883091 h​.​schneider​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Schoenmaekers, S.L.T. (Sarah)

Faculty of Law, International and European Law +31(0)43 3883362 sarah​.​schoenmaekers​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Vankova, Z.D .

International and European Law, Faculty of Law
Room 3.003
Full profile
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Vidmar, J. (Jure)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law
Room D2.227B
jure​.​vidmar​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Volpato, A.

International and European Law, Faculty of Law Full profile

Vos, E.I.L. (Ellen)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law +31(0)43 3883124 e​.​vos​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Waddington, L.B. (Lisa)

Faculty of Law, International and European Law lisa​.​waddington​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Roettger - Wirtz, S. (Sabrina)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law S​.​Roettger​-​Wirtz​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Witte, B.E.F.M. de (Bruno)

Faculty of Law, International and European Law bruno​.​dewitte​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Xhaferri, Z. (Zamira)

International and European Law, Faculty of Law zamira​.​xhaferri​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl Full profile

Associate Scholars

Paul Craig 

Paul Craig is Professor of English Law at St John's College, Oxford, a post that he has held since 1998. Prior to that he was Professor of Law at Worcester College Oxford. He teaches and writes in the following areas, EU law, Administrative law, Constitutional law and Comparative Public law. He is Fellow of the British Academy, and one of the UK members on the Venice Commission for Law and Democracy. He is on the editorial board of a number of different law journals, and is also on the steering committee of ReNEUAL, which is an academic group framing a general law on administrative procedure for the EU. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Maastricht in 2014. Paul Craig is the author of several contributions to the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, as illustrated by his recent Editorial on ‘Pringle: legal reasoning, text, purpose and teleology’ (2013, vol.20 n.1).

  More information about Paul Craig   

Florin Coman-Kund 

Florin Coman-Kund is Assistant Professor in European Union law at Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam. He wrote a PhD dissertation on “European Union Agencies as Global Actors. A Legal Study of the European Aviation Safety Agency, Frontex and Europol” at Maastricht University. His current research interests cover EU agencies, EU financial governance and banking supervision, EU external relations in particular EU external administrative action, EU police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, EU transport policy in particular aviation safety, international treaty law, international administrative law.

  More information about Florin Coman-Kund   

Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson is currently a Professor for European Law and Governance at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. From 2009 to 2011 he was an Assistant Professor at the Department of International and European Law at Maastricht. He received a PhD from the European University Institute in 2009 and has been a visiting scholar at the Institute for Global Legal Studies of the University of Wisconsin and a Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. Mark’s research has focused on the relationship in the EU between law and policy-making – he recently published a book on ‘New Governance and the Transformation of European Law’ (Cambridge University Press, 2011). He is currently preparing, with Bruno de Witte and Elise Muir, an edited book on Judicial Activism at the European Court of Justice (forthcoming, Edward Elgar 2012).

  More information about Mark Dawson   

Francesca Galli

Francesca Galli is a Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute and Associate scholar at the Faculty of Law of the University of Maastricht. She has lectured over the years in several institutions, including the University of Maastricht, the Université Libre de Bruxelles and Sciences-Po Paris. Francesca's main area of interest is the relationship between European and national criminal law. Her researches have developed around the shift towards prevention in the fight against terrorism. She has first analysed the broader picture of developments in criminal justice in recent years from a comparative perspective and then brought the analysis of current trends to a European dimension. Her recent works include “The Law on Terrorism : The UK, France and Italy Compared” (2015); "Do labels still matter ? Blurring boundaries between administrative and criminal law. The influence of the EU" (2014); "Approximation of substantive criminal law in the EU: the way forward" (2013) and "EU counter-terrorism offences: What impact on national legislation and case-law?" (2012).

Kathrin Hamenstadt

Kathrin Hamenstädt is DAAD-lecturer at King’s College London since September 2014. From 2010 - 2014 she worked as a PhD researcher at Maastricht University where she taught various subjects, including Substantive Law of the European Union, European Migration Law and Citizenship Law, and English Legal Writing. Kathrin studied law at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and successfully passed her first state examination in 2005, and second state examination in 2009. Her work during the legal traineeship (2007-2009) included placements at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Foreign Office, and the Regional Court in Berlin. In 2006 and 2007 Kathrin worked in the European Law division at the German Parliament’s Scientific Service and attended the LL.M. programme “Human Rights Law and Globalisation” at Maastricht University from which she successfully graduated in 2007.
Kathrin’s research interests lie broadly in the area of migration law, European Union law (free movement of persons) and German constitutional law.  

  More information about Kathrin Hamenstadt   

Mirjam de Mol

Mirjam de Mol is a deputy justice at the Dutch Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (‘College van Beroep voor het Bedrijfsleven’) since 2009. She worked as a senior lawyer at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Legal Affairs Departement, European Law Division). She represented the Dutch government before the Court of Justice of the EU. Until 2005 she was secretary of the Interdepartmental Committee on European Law (ICER). She furthermore worked as a lawyer at the AKD law firm (Eindhoven and Brussels). Mirjam obtained her LL.M. from Maastricht University and the College of Europe (Bruges) and her Ph.D. from Maastricht University. The title of her Ph.D. thesis is ‘The Direct Effect of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union’. Mirjam’s main research interests are in the field of EU constitutional law. She published several articles. She won the Ius Commune Prize for her article ‘The Novel Approach of the CJEU on the Horizontal Direct Effect of the EU Principle of Non-Discrimination: (Unbridled) Expansionism of EU law?’ that has been published in the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law. She is co-author of the column European Union and Human Rights in NJCM/NTM-Bulletin. 

  More information about Mirjam de Mol   

Evangelia Psychogiopoulou

Dr. Evangelia Psychogiopoulou is a lawyer and senior research fellow at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP). She is also adjunct faculty member at the Hellenic Open University. She studied law at the Faculty of Law of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has obtained a DEA in European and Community Law from Paris I University, Panthéon-Sorbonne; a Master of Research in Law from the European University Institute; and a Doctorate in Law (PhD) from the European University Institute. She has worked at the Academy of European Law (Florence, Italy) and the Directorate General Education and Culture of the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium). She joined ELIAMEP in 2006 and since 2012, she has been a legal counsellor for the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports. Her main areas of research are cultural governance, cultural diversity, media governance and fundamental rights in a European perspective. She has conducted research for the EU institutions and she has participated in several collaborative research projects funded by the EU and international organisations. Over the past ten years, she received funding from the European Commission, the European Parliament, UNESCO, the EEA Grants and Maastricht University. From April 2010 to March 2013, she was the coordinator of MEDIADEM, an EU-funded research project on free and independent media. In 2014-2016, she was a Marie Curie Fellow at the Department of International and European Law, Maastricht University, leading a project on the cultural open method of coordination. Her articles have appeared in European Law Review, Legal Issues of Economic Integration, European Law Journal, Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, International Journal of Communication, and International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, among others. Her publications include: Courts, privacy and data protection in the digital environment (ed., 2017, Edward Elgar); Cultural governance and the European Union: Protecting and promoting cultural diversity in Europe (ed., 2015, Palgrave Macmillan); Media policies revisited: The challenge for media freedom and independence (ed., 2014, Palgrave Macmillan); Understanding media policies: A European perspective (ed., 2012, Palgrave Macmillan); The European Court of Human Rights and the rights of marginalised individuals and minorities in national context (ed., 2010, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Brill); and The integration of cultural considerations in EU law and policies (2008, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers).​

Ana Ramalho

Ana Ramalho is Assistant Professor of Intellectual Property at Maastricht University, with policy and legal expertise in the field of EU intellectual property law. Throughout her career she has taken on commissioned research and consultancy on a range of international and European intellectual property topics for several private and public institutions, including the World Intellectual Property Organization. Ana holds a PhD in Law from the University of Amsterdam, where she was affiliated with both the Institute for Information Law and the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance. Her PhD focused on copyright lawmaking in the European Union. Prior to her PhD, Ana did a Research Masters and an LL.M., both in the field of intellectual property.  Her current research interests include benchmarking for EU legislative activity in copyright, and the role of disruptive technologies in intellectual property.

 More information about Ana Ramalho  

Nikos Skoutaris

Nikos obtained his LL.B. from the University of Aberdeen, his LL.M. from Maastricht University and his Ph.D. from the European University Institute. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the European Institute, LSE. His research focuses on issues relating to the constitutional accommodation of ethno-territorial conflicts in Europe and the Europeanisation of conflicts. In particular he has carried out a detailed analysis of the interrelationship of a certain conflict and EU’s political and legal order (The Cyprus issue: The four freedoms in a (member -) state of siege (Hart Publishing, 2011)). In terms of other areas of research he is a member of the prestigious ERC-funded European and National Constitutional law (EuNaCon) project. His research within EuNaCon focuses on the comparative analysis of the application of the federal principle in Europe. The main output of his research will consist of his second monograph (Territorial Pluralism in Europe: Federalism, Regionalism and Decentralisation in the EU and its Member States (Oxford, Hart Publishing, forthcoming in 2014).

 More information about Nikos Skoutaris  

Maartje de Visser 

Maartje de Visser is Assistant Professor of Law at Singapore Management University. Prior to this, she held appointments at Maastricht University and Tilburg Law School in the Netherlands. Maartje read for law at Maastricht and Oxford University, and obtained her PhD at Tilburg University. The topic of her doctoral thesis formed the basis for her first book, entitled Network-based Governance in EC Law: The Example of EC Competition and EC Communications Law (Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2009).
Maartje’s main research interests are in the fields of European and comparative constitutional law. Between 2008 and 2013, she was a member of the European Research Council (ERC) funded European and National Constitutional Law project, studying the organisation and operation of constitutional review in 11 European countries and the European Union. The results of her research have just been published as Constitutional Review in Europe – A Comparative Analysis (Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2014). Maartje has furthermore published on judicial networks and judicial dialogues, EU institutional law and comparative constitutional law, and has recently co-edited a volume entitled Constitutional Conversations in Europe – Actors, Topics and Procedures (Antwerp, Intersentia, 2012).

  More information about Maartje de Visser  

Maria Weimer

Maria Weimer is Assistant Professor in EU law at the Law Faculty of the University of Amsterdam and a senior research fellow at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG). Before joining ACELG Maria Weimer worked as a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer at the Department of International and European Law of Maastricht University (2011-2013). She holds a PhD from the European University Institute in Florence, where she wrote a thesis on the constitutionalisation of EU administrative governance of GMOs.

 More information about Maria Weimer  

Anja Wiesbrock

Anja Wiesbrock is a Senior Judicial Advisor at the Research Council of Norway. She has previously worked as a Researcher at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law and as an Assistant Professor in EU Law at the University of Maastricht. She has also been a visiting researcher and lecturer at various institutions around the world, including Harvard Law School, UPF Barcelona, JNU New Delhi, MPI Heidelberg and DEU Izmir. Her main research interests include EU migration and free movement law as well as public procurement and state aid and she has published widely in these areas including books on "Legal Migration to the European Union" (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2010), "Global Migration: Old Assumptions, New Dynamics" (Praeger, 2015), "The Greening of European Business under EU Law: Taking Article 11 TFEU Seriously" (Routledge, 2014) and "Sustainable Public Procurement under EU Law: New Perspectives on the State as a Stakeholder" (CUP, 2015).

 More information about Anja Wiesbrock  

Elise Muir

Prof. dr. Elise Muir is Head of the Institute for European Law of the KU Leuven and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe (LLM in European Legal Studies, Bruges). Before starting at the KU Leuven, Elise was a tenured Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University and Associate Director of the Maastricht Centre for European law. She has also been a Visiting Lecturer at Sciences Po Lille, at the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation as well as at EDHEC-Espème in Lille.

While in Maastricht, Elise completed a research project entitled “Taking European values more seriously: collective enforcement of EU non-economic law” in the context of the Veni programme (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research or NWO, 2013-2017) as well as a study of the horizontal effects of the EU principle of non-discrimination with the support of a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (European Commission, 2011-2013). Elise’s research programme has been awarded the 2012 Edmond Hustinx prize for science.  

She studied law both in France and in the UK (Maîtrise, LLB & LLM) before commencing her postgraduate studies in European law at the College of Europe in Belgium (LLM, top law student). Elise has subsequently become an academic assistant in this programme. She has been a visiting researcher at Columbia Law School (Fulbright grantee), the European University Institute and the Fondation pour l’innovation politique before completing her PhD at the University of London in 2010 under the supervision of Professor Takis Tridimas. 

Elise Muir is a member of the Editorial Board of the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law as well as a member of the Scientific Board of European Papers.

 More information about Elise Muir  

Visiting scholars

Alberto Miglio

Alberto Miglio is postdoctoral fellow at the Law Department of the University of Turin and visiting researcher at MCEL (1st September – 1st December 2017), where he is working on a monograph on the limits to differentiated integration in the European Union. He holds a law degree from the University of Turin, an LL.M. from the College of Europe and a PhD in European law from the University of Milan-Bicocca, where he defended a thesis on “Differentiated integration in the European Union between flexibility and fragmentation”. In 2015 and in 2017 he was a visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and Public International Law in Heidelberg. He is also a managing editor of European Papers and collaborates with the Centre for Studies on Federalism. In addition to differentiated integration, his research interests include the relationship between national supreme courts and the CJEU, cultural property law, EU investment law and the legal aspects of Brexit.

Aida Torres Pérez

Aida Torres Pérez is currently a Professor of Constitutional Law at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). She received her PhD from the Yale Law School (USA) in 2006, where she also obtained an LL.M (2002). She has been a visiting scholar at the European University Institute, Florence (2009), at the Law Department of the University of Trento (2011), and at the University of Maastricht (2012). She participates in a team for the provision of external advice to the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament in the field of fundamental rights, citizenship and combating discrimination (2009-2014). She is also an expert of the Centre for Judicial Cooperation at the EUI. Her research interests include European constitutionalism, the multilevel system of rights protection in Europe, judicial dialogue, fundamental rights’ interpretation, and the judicial independence of international courts. She published Conflicts of Rights in the European Union. A Theory of Supranational Adjudication, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2009, as well as several articles on these topics.

  More information about Aida Torres Pérez  

Academic year 2011-2012

Cécile Leconte

Cécile Leconte is Assistant professor in political science at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lille, where she coordinates a Master in European studies. She is also an invited researcher at the Institut d’Etudes Européennes of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Cécile earned her PhD in political science from Sciences Po Paris and the University of Innsbtruck in 2033. In 2003-2004, she was a visiting scholar at the Center for European Studies of Harvard University. Her PhD dissertation, which was awarded the Le Monde Prize for academic research, was published in 2005 at the Presses Universitaires de France, under the title L’Europe face au défi populiste, with a foreword by Mr Jacques Delors. She is also the author of Understanding Euroscepticism (published with Palgrave Macmillan in 2010) and of numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals (such as the Journal of Common Market Studies, West European Politics, Journal of European Integration). Her research interests centre on public opinion and regional (European) governance, the legitimacy of the European Union and processes of regional integration. 
She has been a visiting scholar at the Maastricht Centre for European Law from January until July 2012. 

  More information about Cécile Leconte  

Maria Isabel González Pascual 

Dr. Maribel González Pascual is currently a Professor for Constitutional Law at the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). She earned her PhD at the University of Salamanca (2005). She holds both a Law and a Political Science degree. She has been a researcher at the Max Planck Institut für Ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht from 2004 until 2006 (DAAD post doc scholarschip and Referentin) She has also been a visiting researcher at the Bristol School of Law (Bristol University), at the Deutsche Hochschule für Verwaltungsrecht (Speyer) and at the abovementioned Max Planck Institut. Her research interests include allocation of powers, federalism, the participation of the Regions in the European Union, the European System of Rights and the role of National Constitutional Courts and the mutual recognition of judicial decisions in criminal matters within the EU. She has been visiting researcher at the University of Maastricht from the 1st November until the 20th December 2011.

  More information about Maribel González Pascual  

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Visiting PhD researchers

Academic year 2016-2017

Sara Fattorini

Sara Fattorini is a Ph.D. candidate in European and International Law at “Sapienza” University of Rome. The subject of her research is “The pursuit of non-market values through EU’s competence on harmonization of national legislations for the internal market”. She is a visiting researcher at Maastricht University (1st September 2016 – 31 January 2017), supervised by Professor B. de Witte. In 2011 she obtained a “Double Degree in Italian and French Law”, in the framework of an agreement between “Sapienza” University of Rome and Paris II “Panthéon-Assas”. The subject of her final thesis was “The new article 8 TEU (European neighbourhood policy) in the framework of the European external policy: the case of the Middle East”. 
Before starting her Ph.D., she also obtained a Master in International Relations at the SIOI (Italian School for International Organization) of Rome. 
In 2015 she obtained an Italian academic title of Expert in the Field (cultore della materia) of European and International Law from the “Sapienza” University of Rome. 
She is a member of the editorial board for the European Papers law journal.

David Gutiérrez

David Gutiérrez is a PhD Candidate from the Autonomous University of Barcelona that started his PhD in 2014, with a grant (programme: training of university professors – FPU-) of the Ministry of Education of Spain, that allows him to teach Employment Law at Autonomous University of Barcelona. The main theme of my PhD research is the study of the duty to provide reasonable accommodation to the workplace in Spain. The structure of his PhD falls into distinct the influences from international level (specifically, USA) and the European Union. In addition, he is going to analyze how the Spanish legal implementation of the duty to provide reasonable accommodation contributes on equal opportunities and non discrimination and how it fits with other legal institutions of employment law.

Laszlo Szegedi

Laszlo Szegedi is a lecturer and researcher at the National University of Public Administration (Hungary, Budapest) at the Faculty of International and European Studies. He obtained a Ph.D. with main focus on individual legal (judicial) protection of EU law in administrative judicial review cases. He also holds an LL.M. degree from Georg-August University of Göttingen and the LL.D. degree of the ELTE University Budapest. His research interests include EU administrative law, EU staff regulation, ‘agencification’ and legitimacy of EU Executive. From Nov 2016 until Feb 2017 he is a visiting researcher at MCEL and also involved in the TARN project supervised by Professor Ellen Vos. Before joining MCEL he had been the trainee of the European Environmental Bureau and of the European Commission. He also worked as EU law advisor of the Supreme Court of Hungary as well as of the national financial supervisory authority.

Annalisa Volpato

Annalisa Volpato is a PhD candidate in EU and international law at the University of Padova (Italy). Her doctoral thesis focuses on the delegation of powers in the EU legal system, with particular regard to delegated and implementing acts. She graduated in 2013 at the University of Padova, Faculty of Law, and she holds a LLM from the College of Europe in Bruges. Before joining the MCEL, Annalisa was trainee at the Legal Service of the European Commission and worked for international law firms. Her main research interests include EU institutional and substantive law, standardisation and food law. She is also teaching assistant at the University of Padova in EU law and a member of Italian Food Law Association (IFLA). From September to February she is visiting the MCEL at the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University, to conduct some research relating to her doctoral thesis under the supervision of prof. Ellen Vos.

Academic year 2014-2015

Emanuele Bucci 

Emanuele Bucci is attending the second year of the Ph.D. in Economics, Law and Institutions at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” supervised by Prof. Giacinto della Cananea. At the moment he is carring out research by being a visiting Ph.D. Researcher from 15 September 2014 until 15 March 2015, at the Maastricht Centre for European Law at the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University supervised by Prof. Ellen Vos. His main areas of interest are administrative law, European administrative law, EU law (institutional and substantive European Law) and comparative law. His doctoral thesis is focused on the principles, procedures and instruments relating to regulation of the critical infrastructure and their protection measures in a comparative perspective of national, European and international law. He is a teaching assistant in European Commercial Law and European Administrative Law and European Competition Law and Regulation in the Master of Science programme in European Economy and Business Law at the School of Economics of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. He holds a Law degree from the University of Bari as well as a Master in Business Administration from the University of International Studies in Rome. He is a Lawyer and works at the Italian Ministry of Interior. In addition, he has published articles in academic journals.

Edoardo Mazzanti 

Edoardo Mazzanti is a PhD candidate in Criminal law and the Individual at Sant'Anna – School of Advanced Studies (Pisa, Italy). He graduated in 2010 with a thesis about 'Precautionary principle and post-modern society: a criminal perspective' and his PhD research project deals with the shift from danger to risk-based offenses. His studies have mainly focused on preventive criminal intervention in contexts of scientific uncertainty, the use of standards and quantifiers in environmental and food law crimes, the role of scientific evidence in criminal trials. Even if from a criminal – and, then, traditionally national – point of view, he's interested in international and EU risk regulation policies, both in theoretical and in practical perspective. 

Laura Salvi

Laura is currently a Research Fellow at the Centre for Environmental, Ethical, Legal and Social Decisions on Emerging Technologies (CIGA), of University of Padova (Italy). She obtained a PhD in EU Law from the University of Ferrara (Italy) in 2012, andshe worked as a post-doc researcher in EU Agricultural Law at the University of Bologna. Her main areas of interest are EU Law and Food Law. Her research has focused on issues relating to EU risk regulation and science-based decision making in the agro-food sector. Her current research within CIGA relates to the regulation of food-nanotechnologies in the EU. Laura is also a teaching assistant in EU Law, EU Agricultural Law and Food Law at the Universities of Ferrara and Bologna, and a member of Italian Food Law Association (IFLA). She has published several articles in academic journals. She also works as a legal consultant specialized in Food Law.

Carlo Tovo

Carlo Tovo is a PhD Candidate in EU Law at the University of Bologna and the University of Strasbourg, within the framework of a co-tutorship agreement. His PhD thesis focuses on trans-European networks in energy, telecommunications and transport fields. He graduated in 2011 from the University of Bologna, Faculty of Law, with a thesis on EU agencies. In the framework of this research, he is in the process of publishing a monograph on EU decentralized agencies and he was invited to act as speaker in some conferences and workshops. His main areas of interest are related with institutional and constitutional issues of the EU integration process. From September 2010 to July 2014 he worked as a Parliamentary assistant to a MEP. From February to June 2015 he is visiting the MCEL to conduct some research on EU agencies’ legal personality in the European and international legal order under the supervision of Prof. Vos.

Academic year 2013-2014

Julie Castrec 

Julie Itir Göksu Castrec is awarded a double master from both Paris 11 and Versailles Universities of European and International Public Law. She is currently a second year PhD student at Versailles University Faculty of Law where she is also a tutorial teacher of constitutional law. Her research is about gender parity law in political institutions in Europe in a comparative perspective of national, European and international law. In April 2013, with the support of the public law department she followed a seminar at the Faculty of Law of Yale University (New Haven, CT, USA) about the “Contested responses to gender inequalities”. She is a member of the “RSIF” (Regular Selective Information Flow) team of Versailles University Faculty of Law in partnership with the ECHR. In March 2014, she took part in a conference about human rights violations of the European Convention on Human Rights, a publication will take place. She is a visiting researcher from the 1st of March until 1st of May with Elise Muir at the MCEL at the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University, where she also follows some of the “Human rights of Women” lectures of Ingrid Westendorp.

Andrea Usai

Andrea Usai is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in European Law (Universities of Bologna and Strasbourg) and his main areas of interest are EU law, Competition law (substantive and procedural issues), EU Public Procurement law and Internal Market law. His doctoral thesis relates to the impact of internal market, public procurement and competition provisions on services provided for on areas awarded through concession contracts. He is currently Visiting Ph.D. Researcher at Maastricht University doing some research in the field of public procurement and state aid. Under the supervision of Professor Richard Whish, he successfully obtained his LL.M in Competition law from King’s College London (2011). He is currently member of the Procurement Law Academic Network (University of Nottingham) and contributing with the Institute of Competition law (ICL). He has taught at Master Students of CESL, in China, within the  Internal Market module. He has spoken at several international conferences in Maastricht, in Nottingham, in London and has published some articles in academic journals.

"My research stay in MCEL was fantastic. The international environment of MCEL and the availability of the staff of Maastricht University were incredibly good. It offers a perfect scenario to do a research stay in this institution. Also, the professors and colleagues were always available to discuss questions of my research topic. I really reccomend it!" David Gutiérrez

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