Episode 1: Social Medicine

Emmelie Hazelzet
Emmelie Hazelzet

My name is Emmelie Hazelzet and I represent the department of Social Medicine and the Research Line Health Inequities and Societal Participation (HISP) in the PhD Panel. I am a 4th year PhD-researcher focusing on the sustainable employability of employees with low skilled jobs at the department of Social Medicine (Or SOCMED). We are situated at Duboisdomein 30 (or the so-called ‘black box’ or Dub30).

The people

At SOCMED, we are together with a diverse group of people. Our chair is Prof. Dr. Christian Hoebe. Internally, we are with 22 people (mostly seniors and PhD students). Next, we have 4 people from the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), 12 people from the South-Limburg Public Health Services (GGD) and 6 external PhD’s.

The research & education

Our research expertise is diverse. Observational, fundamental and intervention studies are common. We strengthen both practice-based research and evidence-based practice. Aiming at ‘healthy’ levels of participation at work and society at large, we address how socioeconomic inequalities in health can be tackled, how a sustainable workforce can be promoted, how lifestyle, health and social participation are related, and how infectious diseases can be prevented. Using a broad view on personalized medicine and aiming at improving social and work participation, prevention, health protection, and health promotion, are the main driving forces for our research agenda.

Additionally, SOCMED teaches in several education programs: B.Sc. Health Sciences, B.Sc. European Public Health, Medicine (both B.Sc. and M.Sc.) and M.Sc. Work, Health and Career.

The meetings

Currently, there are no specific meetings organized by our department. Before COVID-19, we organized research seminars and intend to do this again. 

The interesting stuff

‘Social’ is in the name. Every week we have a lunch together to get away from our screen and enjoy the social talk. We also have a SOCMED day every year, where we do fun things together.

Of course there is more to know about SOCMED. If you want more information, or are looking for collaborations, you can contact me via e.hazelzet@maastrichtuniversity.nl