Becoming a PhD candidate at CAPHRI

We are always looking for ambitious, talented and motivated PhD candidates. You will join a community of over 600 excellent researchers from all over the world, making CAPHRI the perfect place to start your (research) career. CAPHRI offers 2 types of PhD-positions: An internal PhD position (employed), or an external PhD position (with a scholarship or self-funded). Both options are described below.

Internal PhD candidates

Internal PhD candidates are employed by the Faculty or Maastricht UMC+ and earn a monthly salary. They are selected through open competition when there is a vacancy. Available vacancies are posted on this website. An e-assessment is part of the selection procedure before appointment as internal PhD candidate.

Internal PhD candidate

External PhD candidates

External PhD candidates are not employed by the Faculty, but conduct their research under the supervision of one or more CAPHRI researchers. They have obtained a scholarship or are self-funded in the sense that they do their PhD alongside a job at their own organisation in the Netherlands or abroad.  

Only the most serious, talented and ambitious candidates will be accepted after a strict selection procedure. External PhD candidates should have sufficient financial means and time to support themselves and their research. CAPHRI does not charge a fee for enrolment nor supervision.

There are two ways to apply for an external PhD position. You can apply for one of our external PhD opportunities or you can send us a clear and concise research proposal. 

Read more in our application guide for external CAPHRI PhD candidates here.  

TEMPORARY APPLICATION STOP: we are sorry to inform you that we cannot consider external PhD aplications at the moment. Obtaining a doctoral degree from Maastricht University is considered to be very prestigious and in our School CAPHRI we receive a lot of applications for our PhD programme. At the moment we experience the application requests to have outgrown the level of high quality, individual training and supervision that our scientific staff can offer. This has lead us to the decision to pause the enrollment of external PhD candidates. At this point this decision is indefinitely and we will communicate any changes in this decision on this website. 

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