Pre-master Arts and Culture

Does your degree (university of applied sciences, or university bachelor) not give you access to the UM master’s programme in Arts and Culture at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS)? This pre-master’s is a preparation programme that bridges the gap between your previous education and  the master's. Upon successful completion of this pre-master's programme, you will be directly admissible to any of the three specialisations in the UM master's in Arts and Culture, provided that you also meet the language requirements.


On this page, you will find important details of the application process for the pre-master's (such as deadlines, admission requirements, required documents and application assessment). Check if you qualify for admission to this pre-master’s programme.


Programme content
Study fee
Admission requirements: previous education
Additional admission requirements
How to apply
How do we assess your application?

Programme content

The programme is composed of key courses taken from the bachelor's in Arts and Culture. You will gain a foundational knowledge in the field of study, get acquainted with Problem-Based Learning (PBL). And you will also train skills like speaking in English in public.

The master's in Arts and Culture has three specialisations: Arts and Heritage, Contemporary Literature and Arts, and Modern Political Culture. In your pre-master, you have choice options that will prepare you for one of these specialisations.

Students who have successfully completed the pre-master’s programme of 60 credits (ECTS) will be granted admission to any of the three specialisations in the Arts and Culture master’s programme.

Click here to view the complete programme overview of 2024/2025.

Education and Examination Regulations
There is a an EER (Education and Examination Regulations) for this pre-master's programme.




Arts and Culture: Policy and Politics

Introduction Academic Skills*




1 of 3:



Double package:
EUS1011 + 

Museum Meanings

Crucial Differences in the 21st Century

Ruling Europe: the Making and Unmaking of Political Orders after the French Revolution

Skills: Working with Research Problems





 PMG1001Academic Writing for Pre-masters1
3ACU3910Wicked Problems: Current issues in Policy, Art and Law6
4ACU2017Art, Literature and Technoscience9

1 of 3:




Analysing Arts II

Research Methods: Advanced Document Analysis

Research Methods: Interviewing






Skill ACU2509

Power and Democracy**

Doing Conceptual Analysis II



3-6AHE9010Literature exam***4, 5 or 6

* PMG1000 is offered but there will be no result nor will it show on transcript. 
** Premaster students will obtain 8 ECTS for Power and Democracy
*** Depending on the student’s choices in period 2 and 4, the literature should either count for 4, 5 or 6 ECTS. The student should obtain a total of 60 ECTS in order to graduate for the premaster.

Study fee academic year 2024-2025

The study fee for this programme is € 2,530 (for EU and non-EU students). For more information, see the enrolment provisions (art. 28). 

Admission requirements: previous education

For admission to the pre-master's programme you must have either a relevant bachelor's degree from a university of applied sciences (HBO) or another BA or BSc title that does not grant direct admission into the master's programme. You also have to satisfy the language requirements.

The admissions committee of the programme will decide whether you are admitted.

Additional admission requirements

Language requirements for English-language master's programmes

As English is the language of instruction in this study programme, it is essential that your English language skills are good enough for you to undertake intensive and challenging academic courses that are taught and examined in English. 

Please note: the language of instruction and examination is English. Students may choose to take an exam in Dutch, but need to indicate this before the start of each course.

Answer the questions below to find out if you meet the language requirements.

Handling fee

Prospective pre-master’s students who received their previous education in a non-EU/EEA country will have to pay a handling fee. More information on this handling fee and how to arrange this payment can be found on the Handling fee web page.

How to apply

Ready to apply? The application and enrolment process consists of three phases. More information on each of these phases is provided below. Carefully read through the information provided and make sure to complete all tasks as soon as possible (and definitely before the indicated deadlines).

Important deadlines

Phase 1: Apply via Studielink

Let us know you want to apply for this study programme

To start the application process for this pre-master's programme, you first need to apply via Studielink. Studielink is the Dutch central organisation that keeps track of applications and enrolments at institutions of higher education in the Netherlands. In Studielink, you can apply by indicating which study programme at Maastricht University (UM) you would like to apply for, whether you’d like to start the programme in September or February (if the latter is an option), what previous education you followed, and you might need to provide a number of other details.

  • In Studielink, select ‘Maastricht University’ in the first drop-down menu (‘Educational institution').
  • Do not select anything in the other drop-down menus (Type of study programme, Academic load, Main language).
  • Type ‘Pre-master Arts and Culture’ in the search field. You can now select the pre-master in the result overview.

Studielink offers two methods of signing in: with or without using DigiD:

  • If you live in a Dutch municipality, you can only register using your DigiD. If you live in a Dutch municipality, but do not yet have a DigiD yet, you will need to request one (Apply for a DigiD).
  • If you do not (yet) live in the Netherlands, you can register by creating a Studielink account (without DigiD). As your personal details will not have been verified through DigiD, UM will check your personal details.

Apply via Studielink  

Phase 2: Admission

Allow UM to assess if you meet the admission requirements

MyApplication portal

To allow UM to assess whether you qualify for admission to the study programme of your choice, you need to complete a number of tasks in the MyApplication portal, the online environment in which the rest of your application process will take place. All the tasks you need to complete, such as uploading certain documents, will be presented here in a clear overview. You can log into the portal using your username/UM student number and the password you have created (your login name and an explanation on how to create your own password are provided in the email you received from us after your application in Studielink).

Make sure you fulfil the tasks indicated in the MyApplication portal on time. This means that you should upload documents as soon as you have finalised them and/or have them in your possession. The sooner you complete a task, the sooner we can give you feedback if you need to add or correct anything. Please pay attention to the deadlines indicated, as they can differ per study programme.

Once you have completed all of your admission tasks, your application dossier is ready to be presented to the Board of Admissions. Depending on your programme, this will be done immediately when it is complete (rolling basis), or after an indicated deadline.

Required documents

During the application process for this pre-master's programme, you will need to complete a number of tasks for which you will often have to upload documents in the ‘MyApplication portal’:

  • A recent passport picture
    The passport picture must satisfy certain requirements.
  • A copy of your valid passport or your EU/EEA identity card
    Make a copy of the page with your personal details. Save this copy as ‘passport copy’ and not as ‘passport picture’.
  • A certified copy of your most recent grades transcript
  • A certified copy of your bachelor’s diploma 
    All candidates must provide proof of having obtained a bachelor's degree in a relevant academic field with a good overall result (a certified copy of your diploma, including the supplement and associated grades transcript). If you have not yet graduated you can upload your official lists of grades from your bachelor's programme.
  • Curriculum vitae
    All candidates must provide a CV. Please list your education, relevant extracurricular activities and internship/professional experience.
  • A motivation letter
    All candidates must write a letter of motivation. Please provide good arguments about why you want to do this pre-master's programme at Maastricht University and why you believe that you can successfully complete the programme.
  • A writing sample
    All candidates should provide proof of sufficient academic writing/research skills. The Board of Admissions asks the candidate to submit an independently-written research paper of at least 2,000 words (excluding the footnotes and reference list) on a relevant topic. You can use a paper from earlier studies or another occasion. The submitted work should be written in English.
  • Document(s) that demonstrate your proficiency in English
    Answer the questions concerning language requirements under ‘Language requirements for English-language master's programmes’ on this webpage to find out if you need to provide additional documentation. The outcome of your answers will indicate which documents you can use to prove your proficiency.


Status updates about your application

From now on, you will receive important information and calls to action regarding your application in the message inbox in the MyApplication portal. We recommend that you regularly log in to the portal to make sure you stay updated. However, we will also notify you of important changes via the email address you provided to Studielink. 

Phase 3: Enrolment

Arrange the practical matters required to start your studies at UM

Once you have been offered a place in the pre-master's programme, you need to arrange your enrolment. The tasks you need to complete to be enrolled are listed in the MyApplication portal under ‘Enrolment tasks’. You can find a brief overview below.

Pay your study fee

Every applicant will need to pay their study fee. More information on how to go about arranging your study fee payment is provided in the task description in the MyApplication portal.

Once you’ve received an invite to pay your study fee, it is important that you indicate how you wish to arrange your payment (in Studielink). Do so on time (in any case before the start of your studies). Please also make sure that you pay (the first instalment of) your study fee in a timely manner. Otherwise, you won’t be able to start your studies.

Allow UM to verify your diploma

Dutch diplomas
Did you acquire the diploma on the basis of which you have been offered a place in your study programme in the Netherlands? Then DUO will pass on their verification of your diploma to UM. No further action on your part is required.

Non-Dutch diplomas
Did you acquire the diploma on the basis of which you have been offered a place in your study programme outside of the Netherlands? Then you will need to send a certified copy of that diploma.

Have you completed your previous education outside of the Netherlands and will you not receive your diploma before the start of your study programme? Then you can send a certified graduation statement.

More information on the requirements for a certified copy of a diploma and for a certified graduation statement, as well as the address these documents should be posted to, is provided in the task description in the MyApplication portal.

Make sure all application and enrolment tasks are fulfilled

UM can only enrol you if you have completed all the tasks in the MyApplication portal. Please make sure this is the case, so that your application and enrolment can be completed and you’ll be ready to start preparing for your studies as soon as possible.

Confirmation of Enrolment

When you have been enrolled for your study programme at UM, you will receive confirmation of this from UM (in the message inbox in the MyApplication portal) and from Studielink (by email).

UM email account
Before you start your studies, you will receive the login details for your UM email account. Your UM email address will be used for all correspondence about your introduction programme and the start of your studies. Your private email address will only be used to inform you about the application and enrolment process.

How do we assess your application?

When you want to apply or are applying to this study programme, it is useful to know how we assess your application. You can find more information about this below.

The Admission Board of the programme will decide whether you are admitted.

After they have decided on your application, you will receive an email regarding acceptance or rejection to the pre-master year.

UM/FASoS Campus Tour

At FASoS, we offer our prospective students the opportunity to join a campus tour on 18 December, 12 March 2025 and 7 May 2025. During this campus tour, one of our student ambassadors will show you our faculty, inner city and all important UM buildings. Are you not able to come one of the aforementioned dates? Don't worry! We also offer campus tours during our Open Days, Experience Days and Introduction Days. Are you not able to come from abroad for a campus tour? We also offer a virtual campus tour! Check it out through the interactive video on the left.