SHE Scholarships

General information

International candidates in health professions education face unique challenges when beginning and conducting their research studies, which is why SHE offers a range of research scholarships to make its research more accessible. These scholarships aims to provide young researchers with an insight into future opportunities within health-professions education research; help them build up experience in a particular area of health professions education research and encourage them to pursue a career in research, often in combination with clinical work. 

Eligibility requirements

Requirements to candidates depend on the type of scholarship; see information under each specific scholarship. All scholarships are open to SHE PhD candidates who do not receive funding from SHE for their PhD studies. Candidates can apply for the same type of scholarship no more than two times. When a candidate has received a particular scholarship, they are not allowed to apply for the same SHE scholarship again. The SHE research director will make a decision on granting applications after consulting the SHE Research management team.

What can be covered? 

Depending on the type of scholarship, one or more of the following costs can be covered: tuition fees, material research costs.

Applications and Selection

All scholarships are granted on a competitive basis, on the basis of required documents and, in a few cases, an interview. Under the same conditions, candidates from low- and middle-income countries (as defined by the OECD) are given preference.

There are two application deadlines per year; each scholarships only has one deadline. 

  • Bi-annual SHE Academy. Fee for SHE SHE Academy, travel, and accommodation. Deadline: 1 February 2023.
  • Material research costs. Deadline: 1 July 2023.
  • Course Writing a PhD research proposal. For SHE MHPE graduates. SHE Research Scholarship. Deadline: 1 July 2023 and 1 December 2023. 
  • Coursework at PhD level. Deadline: 1 December 2023. 

Here you can find more information about our scholarships.

External educational scholarships

Scholarship availability for prospective MHPE international students

Maastricht University and SHE aim to improve their quality as a global institution. SHE staff members encourage talented, motivated persons to continue their education by enrolling in our distance-learning master’s programme Health Professions Education. We understand the importance of making financial assistance available so that you can realise your educational ambitions. 

Below you will find a short list of links to assist you on your search for educational funding. Our list is short, but rest assured that we are continually working to find additional financial assistance options. We will update our scholarship availability list as soon as new options emerge.

  • Grantfinder - General overview of known scholarship opportunities available to a broad range of studies.
  • Stuned - Dutch-Indonesian scholarship programme as part of the Asian branch of the Nuffic group. Scholarships made available for students wishing to participate in higher educations programmes in the Netherlands.

AO-SHE partnership

AO Fellowship in medical education research

The AO Education Institute (AO EI) is offering a group of selected fellows the opportunity to conduct research in postgraduate surgical education in a global environment to build more evidence in the field of continuous professional development for surgeons. For more information see here.