Master of Health Professions Education

Admission & registration

Do you want to apply for the MHPE programme? Make sure that you first carefully read through the programme’s Admission requirements-page to see if you (can) meet the requirements (see Admission Requirements).

Ready to apply? The application and enrolment process consists of three phases. More information on each of these phases is provided below. You will be referred to the Admission requirements-page, and other relevant information, where appropriate. Carefully read through the information provided and make sure to complete all tasks as soon as possible (and definitely before the indicated deadlines).

Let us know you want to apply for this study programme
Phase 1: Studielink application

Phase 2: Admission

Allow UM to assess if you meet the admission requirements

MyApplication portal
To allow UM to assess whether you qualify for admission to the study programme of your choice, you need to complete a number of tasks in the MyApplication portal, the online environment in which the rest of your application process will take place. All the tasks you need to complete, such as uploading certain documents, will be presented here in a clear overview. You can log into the portal using your username/UM student number and the password you have created (your login name and an explanation on how to create your own password are provided in the email you received from us after your application in Studielink).

Make sure you fulfil the tasks indicated in the MyApplication portal on time. This means that you should upload documents as soon as you have finalised them and/or have them in your possession. The sooner you complete a task, the sooner we can give you feedback if you need to add or correct anything. Please pay attention to the deadlines indicated, as they can differ per study programme.

Once you have completed all of your admission tasks, your application dossier will be assessed by the Admission Officer.

Correspondence about your application
From now on, you will receive important information and calls to action regarding your application in the message inbox in the MyApplication portal. We recommend that you regularly log in to the portal to make sure you stay updated. However, we will also notify you of important changes via the email address you provided to Studielink. 

Phase 3: Enrolment

Arrange the practical matters required to start your studies at UM

Once you have been offered a place in the study programme of your choice, you need to arrange your enrolment. The tasks you need to complete to be enrolled are listed in the MyApplication portal under ‘Enrolment tasks’. 

Pay your tuition fees
Every applicant will need to pay their tuition fees. More information on how to go about arranging your tuition fee payment will be provided by the MHPE Office.

Please also make sure that you pay your tuition fees in a timely manner. Otherwise, you will not be able to start with the MHPE programme.

Allow UM to verify your diploma

Dutch diplomas
Did you acquire the diploma on the basis of which you have been offered a place in your study programme in the Netherlands? Then DUO will pass on their verification of your diploma to UM. No further action on your part is required.

Non-Dutch diplomas
Did you acquire the diploma on the basis of which you have been offered a place in your study programme outside of the Netherlands? Then you will need to send a certified copy of that diploma.

Have you completed your prior education outside of the Netherlands and will you not receive your diploma before the start of your study programme? Then you can send a certified graduation statement.

Make sure all application and enrolment tasks are fulfilled
UM can only enrol you if you have completed all the tasks in the MyApplication portal. Please make sure this is the case, so that your application and enrolment can be completed and you’ll be ready to start preparing for the MHPE programme as soon as possible.

Confirmation of Enrolment
When you have been enrolled for the MHPE programme, you will receive confirmation of this from the MHPE Office.

UM email account
Your private email address will only be used to inform you about the application and enrolment process. Your UM email address will be used for all further communication once you start with the MHPE programme.

Questions about admission and registration?

Then contact the MHPE Office at