Certified copy of your diploma/grades transcript

A certified copy is a photocopy bearing an original stamp and an original signature from your secondary school or university. The stamp indicates that it is a genuine copy of the original diploma/grades transcript. You can get your diploma and/or grades transcript certified at your school or university, or at a notary or municipality. You can also take your original documents to the Student Services Centre (SSC); they can make a certified copy of your diploma and grades transcript.

UM Admissions only accepts the following documents:

  • An original certified hard copy of your diploma / degree certificate containing a valid stamp and signature;
  • A digital copy of the diploma and accompanying grades transcript provided that these documents have a digital signature and that it is possible to verify them for authenticity (sent via digitaldiploma-ssc@maastrichtuniversity.nl);
  • A digital copy of the diploma and accompanying grades transcript submitted to UM directly (via digitaldiploma-ssc@maastrichtuniversity.nl) by the education institution that provided the previous education.

Please note that all documents have to be in English, Dutch, German or French. In case your diploma is in a different language, you need to provide us with an official translation (Dutch or English) of the diploma as well. The translated document does not have to be certified; only the diploma in the original language has to be certified.

Please send the certified hard copy of your diploma to:

Maastricht University
Student Services Centre
UM Admissions
PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands

Would you like to send the certified copy of your diploma and diploma statement by courier, please use our visiting address:
Maastricht University
Student Services Centre
UM Admissions
Bonnefantenstraat 2
6211 KL Maastricht
The Netherlands

Please note that all hard copy documents submitted will become property of UM. Based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), these documents will be digitalised and in due time destroyed in a secure manner. UM will save your documents for one year after the start date of your study programme. In case your study programme starts at 1 September, we will save your documents until 1 September of the following year.