Interreg – Oncocare Project

Cancer is a growing challenge for society. Its incidence increases with the aging of the population and cancer is turning into a chronic disease. Beside progress in classical treatment approaches, many innovative therapies are emerging. Beyond survival, better quality-of-life and costs become prominent issues. To face these challenges, academic hospitals and universities are developing comprehensive cancer centers, integrating multidisciplinary care managed in a quality-oriented manner, clinical / translational research and teaching. A focus on patient and innovation allows creating organized networks, in which cooperation is set forth instead of competition. Thus, Oncocare Project gathers teams from 6 academic institutions dedicated to providing optimized care to patients in the Euregio, constantly seeking to improve service.

Patient-centered medicine

The teleconsulting system is being expanded to promote the exchange of medical expertise between the hospitals. This creates the possibility of exchanging expertise from the various locations to agree on optimal therapy concepts. Another focus is the introduction of a smartphone-compatible app that can be operated autonomously by the patient to record quality of life. Modern medicine strives not only to improve life expectancy, but also to improve the patients’ quality of life. The “Home Hospitalization” measure, which is intended to bring oncological care to the patients' home environment, also contributes to this. Older patients and patients in rural regions in particular benefit from this measure.

Quality of care

The cancer registries of the hospitals work more closely together and comparative analyzes are carried out as part of quality assurance.

Furthermore the hospitals of Aachen and Liege work together on the European JACIE accreditation in the field of  blood stem cell transplants. In addition, software is being developed to handle all processes in connection with blood stem cell transplants.

Access to innovative treatment

One of the aims is the implementation of personalized and innovative cancer medicine in the Euregio. This includes the joint establishment of evidence-based treatment pathways, including innovative diagnostic and therapeutic options. The participating hospitals will make the treatment pathways in which they have the greatest expertise available to the partners and other hospitals in the region. In addition, a database is being created for the exchange and comparison of existing clinical study activities between the hospitals, taking into account rare tumor diseases or rare subtypes of common tumor diseases.