M4I Division of Imaging Mass Spectrometry - Research groups

Analytics in System Imaging

The ASI research group is embedded in the mass spectrometry imaging division of the M4i Institute. The group develops mass spectrometry and surface plasmon resonance-based technologies and methodologies to study chemical structure and time resolved molecular interactions in biochemistry, chemical synthesis and material-biology processes.

Its main objectives are to improve our understanding on the function of medicines, improve our knowledge on how implants effect the body and vice versa and the design of sustainable chemical processes.

Currently, the research group collaborates with various scientists on light induced chemistry, new implants having an antimicrobial activity, biomarkers for heart failure, bone regeneration and the design of new medicines for Alzheimer disease.

  • Multi Modal Photo Flow Chemistry (NWO-TTP), using light in order to initiate chemical reactions in flow-reactors and development of new photon ionization MS technology, in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, Technical University Eindhoven, AstraZeneca, MSVision and Signify.
  • DARTBAC, (NWA-ORC), developing new antimicrobial active materials for implants and understanding the interaction between the materials and the body, in collaboration with amongst others MUMC, UMCU, UMCG, DSM Biomedical and Bionalive.
  • Matchup (EFRO-OPZUID), discovery of new drug candidates as inhibitor of Lox-15 and drug target related to Alzheimers disease, in collaboration with Radboud University, ZUYD, HAN and Innosyn.

Surface chemistry (TKI-Chemistry) development of surface plasmon based methodologies to investigate the adsorption kinetics of proteins to material surfaces, in collaboration with researchers form the Merln institute.