People and partnerships

Systems biology is by definition a collaborative effort, characterized by an iterative process of biology driving technology driving computation. MaCSBio consists of an international, dynamic research community with a highly interdisciplinary character.

Become a member and actively shape the research of MaCSBio by leading or working in projects and presenting their work during seminars, lectures and science days.

Become an associate member and collaborate in projects with MaCSBio members, apply jointly for research funding, and have access to the facilities provided by MaCSBio.

Academic Partnerships

MaCSBio partners share data, expertise, technology or their lab-infrastructure with MaCSBio. Partners are very welcome to participate in MaCSBio’s scientific meetings or invite MaCSBio members to join their meetings. Via its academic partnerships MaCSBio has access to:

Partnering Organisations

Become a MaCSBio-partner and get involved. The level of involvement can vary from partner to partner. 

Former members

Name Position
Dr. Gökhan Ertaylan Postdoc
Dr. Michael Lenz Postdoc
Dr. Roy Haast Postdoc
Dr. Xu Chen Postdoc
Dr. Domenica Dibenedetto Postdoc
Nicole Vogelzangs Postdoc
Ilona Liesenborghs PhD candidate
Mirella Kalafati PhD candidate
Isma Zulfiqar PhD candidate
Shauna O'Donovan PhD candidate
Samar Tareen PhD candidate
Maryam Karimian PhD candidate