Research department

Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE)

The research in the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE) is organised in three research groups: BioMathematics and BioInformatics (BMI), The Robots, Agents and Interaction (RAI) group focuses on the Design (RAI) and Networks and Strategic Optimization (NSO). Within the department there is a strong cooperation among our three research groups. NSO, RAI and BMI are all actively involved in organising international conferences, workshops and seminars. One of the main upcoming events is the World Conference of the Game Theory Society in Maastricht, in July 2016 as organised by NSO.


Research is organised around the following three groups:


RAI focuses on the design, analysis and application of intelligent systems (including software agents and robots) that are able to support and assist their human users by pursuing goals and solving problems autonomously and interactively even in complex environments.


The NSO Group undertakes research on Networks and Strategic Optimization (NSO), with applications in Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. Topics range from models of strategic optimization in network controlled interactions, search algorithms for finding best strategies in games, combinatorial optimization in phylogenetics, to the analysis of (evolutionary) competition in biological and biomedical settings.


The BMI (BioMathematics and BioInformatics) Group conducts theoretical and applied research in Computational and Mathematical Sciences, especially on biological and medical applications. Principal research areas includ Biomedical Signal Analysis, Systems Biology, and Bioinformatics, such as processing, analyzing, modeling and predicting biological and medical phenomena. There are three main research themes: Complex Systems & Mathematical Systems Theory, Signal Processing & Image Processing, and Statistical Data Analysis, which are applied in cardiology, electrophysiology, the modeling of gene protein networks, and neurosciences.


Researchers teach in the bachelor’s and master’s programmes of the department, such as the bachelor's Knowledge Engineering, the master's programmes Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence. They also teach courses at the bachelor's Maastricht Science Programme and University College Maastricht, such as Algorithmic Networks and Optimisation.


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