Guidance on UM data support services

UM provides a variety of data support services. The brief descriptions below are intended to give a general idea of what services are provided. All the services mentioned below can serve both staff and students; the best option will depend on the nature of your project and data support needs. As well as the UM services described below, researchers may want to consider using alternatives such as DataverseNL ( or OSF (

Data Science - Community - DataHub

Datahub provides data management services for studies in Maastricht UMC+ and Maastricht University, both during projects and as a repository once they are complete. Datahub can handle data from qualitative and quantitative research (including surveys), clinical trials and systematic reviews. DataHub aims to ease the burden on the researcher with regards to all aspects of data management and secure data storage, but does not give data protection advice. An initial discussion is free of charge; the first 100GB of storage is free, but after that storage must be paid for.

The Datahub portal can be found here:

memic logo en

MEMIC is the center for data and information management at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University and MUMC+ and focuses on quantitative observational research, but also supports clinical trials. MEMIC provides support on research data management: collect, clean, connect, and store FAIR data during projects. If necessary, custom apps can be made to support research and the Ldot application is available for secure registration of your participants and to manage the logistics of your research. The GDPR-team can help you with privacy and security questions. Castor and Qualtrics are free of charge. Outsourced work is at an internal FHML/MUMC rate. The data stewards help you to find the most ideal solution in view of your research design (free of charge).

More information on MEMIC can be found here:

memic ctcm

Clinical Trial Center Maastricht (CTCM) is part of the MUMC+ quality assurance program, and provides data management services for all research that is subject to WMO (human subjects research legislation). In addition, CTCM provides data management services for other research studies outside the scope of WMO and/or custom-build requests. CTCM provides support on data management, data protection, data cleaning, data coding, and DSMB listings during both academic and commercial projects, but does not provide data archiving or support for qualitative research or systematic reviews. Costs for services and systems to support WMO research, where UM or azM is the study sponsor, are financed in this quality assurance program and therefore free of charge for the researcher. Costs for other services and systems are project-specific on a quotation basis.

The CTCM website can be found here: