Supporting Staff

Please feel welcome to contact us and find our supporting staff listed below.
On our MHeNs staff page you can view the profile pages of our academic staff.

Scientific Director
Prof. David Linden

Managing Director     
  Tom van den Crommenacker    
Executive secretary to Professor Linden
Office Manager School for Mental Health and Neuroscience
  Marie-Thérèse Moers     
Events & Communications Officer
  Damaris Kentgens     
PhD Coordinator     
  Dr. Martin van Boxtel     
Policy Officer / EURON Coordinator     
  Dr. Nicole Senden     

Administrative Office     
Financial/Administrative Officer     
  Ankie Hochstenbach     
Administrative Officer Assistant     
  Marco van Hertrooy     
Financial Consultants     
  Kirsten Pluijmakers     

Senior Financial Consultant   
  Danny Lanckohr    

Financial Consultants
 Cindy Coenen-Haan
  Ivo Schellings

Legal contact person joint doctorates FHML     
  Monique Latour     
Webmaster | Communication | Design  
  Peggy Bisschoff    
Lab Coordinator / Microscopy & Imaging
  Hellen Steinbusch     
In vivo & behavior
  Denise Hermes
Molecular Cell Biology / In Silico & Functional Genomics
  Sandra Claessen
Molecular Cell Biology
  Barbie Machiels
Neuromodulation & Electrophysiology / Microscopy & Imaging
  Wouter Gerritsen
Stem cells
  Iris Boesten
Stem cells
  Theodora Saridaki

Secretaries Divisions
Secretary Division Cognitive Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience
Secretary to Dr. Jaap Jansen
  Danielle Moens     
Secretary Division Mental Health     
  Ine Schaapkens     
  Nancy Heuts
Secretary to Prof T. van Amelsvoort     
  Ine Schaapkens     
Secretary Division Translational Neuroscience     
  Rachelle Capponi