MHeNs Research Community

The MHeNs community consists of a diverse network that provides a platform for discussions and collaborations between individuals sharing the same interests in clinical and translational research in mental health and the neurosciences, covering a broad range of disciplines. Our community goes beyond the group of colleagues working directly at Maastricht University and includes alumni, external PhD students, clinicians and researchers at collaborating healthcare organisations and charities and partners in industry.

It also involves a great network of national and international academic partners, for example through the EURON graduate school for neuroscience, several EU-funded doctoral training networks and multiple collaborations on double and joint doctorates worldwide. The School MHeNs is keen to foster the collaborative research that takes place within this network, locally in Maastricht, in the province of Limburg, nationally and internationally. MHeNs’s regional, national and international community builds on a lively network of researchers, clinicians, PhD’s, alumni and students as well as on our professional societal networks and collaborating partners. 

In our MHeNs community we share the same goal, namely to conduct high-quality research in mental health, clinical neurosciences and diseases of the sensory systems. We are involved in the challenges of our field and translate them into research and collaborations to change the course of healthcare and improve clinical outcomes. As a graduate school, our core mission is in training young researchers and in guiding talented researchers through their career as members of a vibrant research community.

Shared challenges and beacons, working on breakthroughs

Collaboration is a key strength in our multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach. The benefit of the strong MHeNs Community comes from the ongoing professional research connections and collaborations that are forged between people and departments engaged in translational neuroscience research on neurological and psychiatric illness and diseases of the sensory systems, around the world. 
By joining forces in our community, we enable maximum synergy between research groups across our three divisions, optimizing the use of available expertise, and forging alignment of animal models and human research projects.

Stay connected

We annually report about our work, keep you updated through the MHeNs newsletter, meet up at conferences, organise events such as our annual Research Day, PhD training events and courses and symposia with collaborating partners. The annual Research Day is the highlight of the academic year of MHeNs, which is regularly attended by members of the community from outside Maastricht.

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