Societal Impact

MHeNs is a Maastricht University research school and thus contributes, through its multidisciplinary collaborations, to the societal mission of the University. Our research agenda is translational, which means that we always consider the potential use of our research findings for the benefit of patients, for example through new diagnostics, treatments or other improvements of health services. MHeNs contributes to Maastricht University’s focus on the strategic research theme: Quality of Life and to our MUMC+ strategic core value: Healthy living.

MUMC+ Research

The core research themes of MUMC+ are directly linked to academic patient care.
MHeNs, performs high-impact mental health and neuroscience research in close collaboration with MUMC+, which includes many clinical and societal partners across the Netherlands, and participates in several centres of excellence. In close collaboration with our partner institutes and societal partners, we allow scientific discoveries to be swiftly converted into practical applications. What is more, research is integrated into education at every level. Our educational method, Problem-Based Learning, lays the groundwork for students to embrace research and the scientific method from the very first day of their studies.

We contribute to solving major societal issues. The future is in Maastricht.