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The Department of Educational Development and Research supports and investigates the development of education within and outside the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML). In 1977, a year after the establishment of Maastricht University, the department was set up. From the start, the department has helped develop innovative education at Maastricht University and also critically examined its merits.

Characteristic of the department is the combination of educational development and research. Educational development is as evidence-based as possible and researchers investigate various types of educational interventions. The department also actively contributes to theory development for health education. More fundamental research is also being done for this. In all cases, research findings are translated into educational practice. Knowledge translation is therefore an essential part of the work.

Activities are:

  • Support education development for the various programs of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences and the follow-up training to become a medical specialist in MUMC +. The expertise is clustered in four expert groups: the expert group Faculty Development, Instructional Design and E-learning, Programme Evaluation and Assessment. These groups support curriculum coordinators and teachers in educational development. In addition, there is an extensive range of courses for lecturers for the various areas of expertise. For a number of these areas of expertise, administrative support is also provided by the department;
  • Research into the training and assessment of healthcare professionals in all its aspects. The themes of the research are:
    Approaches to instruction;
    Approaches to assessment;
    Approaches to implementation;
    Goals, values, and approaches to evaluation;
    The research and the research training is organized within the School of Health Professions Education;
  • Providing education to students of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences;
  • Supporting and coordinating educational development in foreign institutions for health care. The department supports two cross-border curriculum partnerships with institutions in Saudi Arabia and Portugal. The project managers of SHE collaborates support educational development projects in various countries such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Oman, Qatar, etc. SHE collaborates is part of the School of Health Professions Education;
  • SHE bytes develops software for eportfolio systems for health care programs at home and abroad. An e-portfolio is used throughout the educational continuum. SHE bytes is part of the School of Health Professions Education. 

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