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The Department of Educational Development and Research supports the development and innovation of bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate training programmes within the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML), Maastricht University, in various domains such as instruction and e-learning, assessment, faculty development, and evaluation or quality improvement. Another important sphere of activity is to support research on education. Furthermore, we participate in a broad range of teaching roles and provide training and consultancy services.

As a key factor in lifelong learning and personal growth, education benefits our health and future society. Faculty and support staff members in our department are driven by a passion for optimising education. In designing innovative approaches to learning, teaching, evaluation and assessment, we build bridges between theory and practice, which we consider our strength. Moreover, we innovate and investigate why these innovative approaches that are preferably theory-based might work in a specific context for a specific target group with particular objectives in mind. Research on education is crucial to increase our understanding of how best to educate health professionals and prepare them for the delivery of high-quality care.

We collaborate closely with the FHML Institute for Education and the School of Health Professions Education (SHE) as well as with the MUMC+ and EDLAB. Similarly, we have strong connections with various institutions, not only locally (in the Maastricht region), but also nationally and abroad. As such, we are world leaders in innovation and research in health sciences education. We are located on the fourth and fifth floor of Universiteitssingel 60.

Activities are:

  • Development. We offer educational support to teachers, educational coordinators and leaders within the various bachelor’s and master’s programmes of the FHML and to medical specialists of MUMC + in the following four domains: Faculty Development, Instructional Design and e-Learning, Programme Evaluation and Assessment. Our focus is to help them design, innovate and investigate their teaching practices.
  • Research. We are strongly involved in research activities related to the aforementioned domains of faculty development, e-learning, programme evaluation and assessment. These activities are often undertaken in close collaboration with the SHE.
  • Teaching. We participate in a broad range of teaching roles in the various bachelor’s and master’s programmes of the FHML, such as tutoring and mentoring roles and serving on exam, course planning, and educational committees and on management teams. One such postgraduate programme in which we participate not only as teachers, but also as coordinators and managers is the innovative Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE). Its graduates have leading positions within the FHML and all over the world in the domain of innovation, management and health sciences research.
  • Consultancy. In close collaboration with SHE Collaborates we provide training and consultancy services worldwide to improve health professions education practices and establish partnerships with institutions around the world.

About Us
The management team:

Fast facts

  • A world leading position in health professions education research and practice.
  • Strong profile in educational innovations based on theory/evidence and practice.
  • Leader in empowering teachers, educators, leaders/managers, scholars and health care professionals.



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Maastricht University, FHML Department Educational Development and Research

4th and 5th floor, room N5.04
+31 (0)43 388 57 26