Instructional Design and E-learning

The expert group ‘Instructional Design and E-learning’ is a multi-disciplinary group within the Department of Educational Development and Research of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML). The mission of the expert group is to support the design and innovation of the educational programs of FHML.

Within our perspective E-learning is concerned with the use of all kinds of ICT in education and can range from e.g. the use of a wiki, a blended design, to the use of video-clips or virtual reality to support education. Which type of instructional design and/or which type of E-learning is suitable, depends on the goal.

Do you want a focus on: better learning outcomes, academic development as an integral part of the curriculum, more interaction between students, stimulating reflection, reduction of time for teachers, or distance education?

The expert group gives advice and support to (individual) teachers, students, block- and curriculum planning groups as well as educational committees and educational management. The main activities include:

  • Supporting the design and innovation of the educational programs by participating in the design and (re)design of block- and curriculum education.
  • Giving advice on the design of educational programs; the type and usage of E-learning tools.
  • The dissemination of knowledge, experiences and trends in educational practice and E-learning by giving workshops or by using digital channels such as blogs.

The expertise group works closely together with the expert groups Faculty Development, Student Assessment and Programme Evaluation and with the Library.

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Contact persons Expert group affiliates
Peter van Rosmalen Jolien Pieters
Jan Hensgens Joy Lee
Maryam Asoodar Loutong Hui
Sanne Rovers Jimmy Frèrejean
Nynke de Jong  
Anneke van der Niet  
Jeroen van Merriënboer  
Gaby Lutgens (liaison Library)  

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