CGD Work with us

The Centre for Gender and Diversity is interested in collaborations of all kinds, and here we explain how you can join forces with us by becoming a member, receiving an event grant, applying for a PhD position, become a non-stipendiary visiting fellow, act as a societal partner or invite members to share their expertise with the press.

Become a CGD member or a participant

The Centre for Gender and Diversity has an open-door policy: any FASoS-affiliated person who is engaged with a PhD trajectory, on a Postdoc, or is faculty at UM (including teaching fellows) can join as a member. Affiliation is cost-free; your membership can be combined with membership in other research centres, and with your assignment to a FASoS research programme. As a member, you immediately will become eligible for applying for our event grants, and you will be included on the email list, newsletter, and featured on our webpage.

Everyone with access to the UMployee intranet is encouraged to join the CGD group there. Staff who only wish to be included in our communications (and not featured on the website) are welcome to join as a participant there. Research master's and master's students are also welcome join as participants so that they can be informed of all announcements and attend CGD activities.

CGD Work with us


To join simply notify the CGD by email that you
wish to become a member, or a participant

CGD Event Fund: Apply for a grant to realise your research

Are you interested in organising an event related to Gender and Diversity but lacking the funds to do so? The Centre for Gender and Diversity offers money to its members (FASoS staff and teaching fellows) to organise research and valorisation/outreach events.

You can apply for up to € 2.000 to help you realise your vision. We encourage jointly organized events, and they can be a range of activities: a PhD club, reading groups, masterclasses, guest speakers, symposia, expert meetings, network meeting with societal partners, you name it! We have a rolling application process, and ask that you be in touch with us at least three weeks before your planned activity so we can assist with booking a room, hotel, or catering in good time.

In terms of support, the director of CGD and student assistant are available to:

  • develop the concept of the event with you
  • book a hotel room
  • book a room for the event at FASoS
  • book Banditos catering
  • advertise the event through our channels with the text and picture that you provide
  • arrange payment of the honorarium

You will need to take responsibility for:

  • deciding on the type of event
  • its description for advertisement purposes
  • be responsible for moderation on the day
  • communicate with the guest speaker
  • negotiating the honorarium of maximum € 200,-
  • making requests to the CGD as to the room, catering, hotel dates as soon as possible

If you are not a CGD member, please reach out to one of our members to collaborate on an event. You can also contact the CGD directly by email to ask if we would like to collaborate on an event with you, or we can help direct you to the right person or group.

Applying for a PhD

The CGD does not fund PhD candidates, however, we have many wonderful scholars as members who are open to supervising PhD projects that are funded and unfunded. We recommend that you read their profiles and approach them directly if you are interested in working with them. Potential supervisors will be keen to see your CV with grades and courses taken, a project proposal, and read about your motivation for pursuing a PhD.

 More information  about the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at our Faculty

 Types of available PhD programmes

We recommend that our PhD candidates become members of the Netherlands Research School for Gender Studies (NOG), where they can benefit from a larger network of scholars working across the entire country. The NOG offers courses and masterclasses to its members, as well as workshops and lecture series that are open to anyone. See our page about the CGD’s participation in the NOG  and for current course offering see the website of NOG.

Non-stipendiary Visiting Fellows

The CGD welcomes expressions of interest from researchers who would like to visit our faculty and become a short-term member for a week or up to three months. You will be invited to present your work and to exchange with CGD members in order to advance your research line, develop a grant proposal, or further your network.

We are currently looking into arrangements to make available a workplace for longer stays, and access to the library if that is needed. We are not able to assist with work visas or to provide additional funding for travel, accommodation, or family relocation.

For societal partners

Are you interested in working with a gender and diversity expert? Want to develop a research project and need to involve a university partner? Have a research topic that needs to be contracted? The CGD would like to help you find the right person or group to partner with, and welcomes expressions of interest through our email.  

Please have a look at our subpage on Knowledge Valorisation to generate ideas about a possible partnership. This page highlights the kinds of research collaborations we carry out with societal partners. You might also check out our People subpage to read about the kinds of research specializations our members have and the expertise they offer.

For press

CGD members are available to speak with media and news organisations or to governmental bodies on their expertise in relation to their research or about current events. Our members are experienced with speaking to news programs, radio shows, filmmakers, journalists, and addressing political bodies. We are enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge and participating in public discourse and debates.

If you send us a brief of what you are interested in covering, then the CGD will try to connect you with the right person(s). You can also directly read about our members’ research specialisations on the People subpage.