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Centre for Gender and Diversity

The Centre for Gender and Diversity is a research centre at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. It studies gender as a category of identity.  Acknowledging that gender shapes social identities through its intersections with affiliated identity markers, we take particular interest in the intersections between gender and age (ageing studies, childhood studies) and gender and religion (religion studies).  The CGD analyses these intersections by focusing on the arts, broadly understood (literature, art, popular culture).


Research projects at the Centre for Gender and Diversity develop at the boundaries between gender- , age- and religion studies, with a focus on the arts. The CGD studies art forms from high culture and popular culture, i.e. fiction, poetry, film, photography, life-writing, the performing arts, and children’s media. We aim to generate synergies between the three A’s: Art, Academic Research, and Activism, in the interest of contributing to an inclusive society. Our research projects are listed on the Ongoing projects page.


Besides engaging in innovative research, CGD staff also teach courses on gender and diversity at the University College Maastricht (UCM) and in the bachelor’s and master’s programmes Arts and Culture at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. An overview of courses can be found in the section Education.

Minor in Crucial Differences

The minor ‘Differences/inequalities: Introduction to Gender and Diversity Studies" is a full-time, 20-week programme about the dynamics and intersections of difference and the origins of some social, economic, and political inequalities within western societies. We will study the ways in which differences are constructed, their cultural texts and images, and individual identities and societies from the 18th century onwards, focusing on the ‘Big Four’: gender, ‘race’, sexuality, and class. The programme consists of three interdisciplinary courses that providing insight into the:

  1. creation of crucial differences, from the Enlightenment on, to the crises originating from the model of western thought and culture that resulted in the catastrophe of the Shoah
  2. dynamics and interactions of crucial differences at present
  3. way in which these differences are represented in narrative, life-writings, and in our real lives


Centre for Gender and Diversity

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences