The QueerCon event will provide a platform for LGBTQIA+ scholarship, activism and community building at UM and beyond. The conference is the first of its kind in UM history, bringing together LGBTQIA+ scholars from across the University and beyond. The festival will be a platform for queer and trans* inclusive community-building through various cultural events and other forms of public engagement.

Collaboration between students and staff and between the University and regional grassroots organizations are essential for our aim of galvanizing LGBTQIA+ related scholarship and communities locally, regionally, and (inter)nationally. The event is an unprecedented, innovative, bottom-up initiative that aims to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity and to make LGBTQIA+ knowledge accessible to the community."

About us

Organisers QueerCon
QueerCon organisers
Partners in Pride
  • Centre for Gender and Diversity                                                                                     
  • UM Pride
  • Dionyx
  • COC Limburg

QueerCon is funded by Maastricht University