CGD Events

The CGD regularly organises events to achieve its mission "to connect researchers in the fields of gender and diversity studies, to facilitate networking with societal partners, and to enhance public-facing scholarship." 

Since September 2022, we have an events-based program and encourage CGD members to host speakers, workshops, expert meetings, reading groups and the like, providing funding through the CGD-Event Fund. See our "work with us page" for more details on how get involved in (co-) organising or (co-) hosting events with our affiliates. 

Writing retreat

CGD writing retreat February 2024
7 February 2024

We are delighted to share the highlights and success of the Writing Retreat held at the Social Hub on 7 February 2024. The event aimed to provide a dedicated space for focused writing, idea exploration, and scholarly reflection, and it exceeded our expectations in fostering collaboration, networking, and productivity.

The day kicked off at 9:30 AM, with attendees dropping in at their convenience and staying as long as they desired. The tranquil and inspiring setting of the Social Hub created an atmosphere conducive to productive writing and scholarly endeavors. Participants engaged in various writing activities, working on research papers, articles, and other written projects, making the most of the dedicated time and space.

One of the standout aspects of the event was the networking opportunity during lunch. The Social Hub provided a communal space where members could connect, share ideas, and discuss their projects. This casual yet productive networking session not only strengthened existing connections within the CGD community but also paved the way for potential collaborations.

Collaborations indeed blossomed during the event, with attendees seizing the chance to exchange thoughts and expertise. The environment fostered a sense of camaraderie, creating a platform for interdisciplinary discussions and cross-pollination of ideas. These collaborations ranged from joint research initiatives to co-authoring opportunities, showcasing the true spirit of the CGD community.

The day was not only about work; it was also about building a sense of community. Attendees not only made progress on their projects but also enjoyed the warmth and camaraderie of the CGD community. The insightful discussions, shared experiences, and mutual support contributed to a positive and enriching experience for everyone involved.

We extend our gratitude to all participants for their active engagement, making this event a memorable and enjoyable experience. We look forward to organizing more such events in the future and continuing to strengthen the bonds within our community.

If you have any further feedback or suggestions, please feel free to reach out. Thank you for being a part of this enriching experience.

Feminism is for everybody

CGD 25th anniversary group picture
21-22 September 2023

Reflecting on an incredible two days of dialogue and celebration at the Centre for Gender and Diversity’s 25-year anniversary symposium on Intergenerational Feminisms! 🎉✨
From UM president’s and FASoS dean’s powerful words to the diverse perspectives shared, our discussions delved deep into reimagining feminist praxis inclusive of spaces, times, and generations. The legacy of our passionate politics was redefined beyond traditional narratives, questioning generational divides and scarcity competition among resources.
The symposium sparked crucial questions: How can feminism unite successive generations rather than pit them against each other? What’s the impact of today’s feminist pedagogy outside academia? How does intergenerational thinking reshape concepts of intimacy, space, and time?

Queer Intersectional Feminism: Why and How?

CGD Queer symposium foto 1
13 June 2023

On Tuesday, June 13th, a celebratory and thought-provoking event titled "Queer Intersectional Feminism: Why and How?" took place at Maastricht University in collaboration with the Diversity and Inclusivity Office. This fully registered event brought together 40 activists, students, scholars, and champions of queer social justice to delve into the vibrant tapestry of queer intersectional feminism. Attendees were invited to join over lunch for a series of lightning talks delivered by five members of the Centre for Gender and Diversity: Vasso Belia, Christin Hoene, Louis van den Hengel, Ilaria Lorusso, and Eliza Steinbock. Each speaker offered their unique perspectives on the significance of queer intersectional feminism and how it inspires transformative thinking, dreaming, and action.

CGD Queer symposium foto 2

The lightning lectures commenced with an enthusiastic atmosphere as participants gathered to think about the how and the why of queer intersectional feminism, particularly relevant during Pride month. The five speakers referred to inspirational thinkers including Monique Wittig, bell hooks, Kate Bornstein, Sara Ahmed, Audre Lorde, Donna Haraway, and Risk Hazekamp. Examples were drawn from a graphic novel about sensible footware, histories of colonial sodomy laws, interviewing LGBT+ people in a refugee camp in Kenya, cyanobacteria and breathing with trees, and archival photographs of trans women dancing. With the audience we went into a discussion of feminist courses and how intersectionality might be taught more widely at UM. 

Attendees left with a deeper understanding of the significance of queer intersectional feminism and a renewed commitment to challenging oppressive systems and advocating for social justice. We were reminded of the importance of being a megaphone for others, where and when we can. This collaboration between the Diversity and Inclusivity Office and the Centre for Gender and Diversity showcased the university's dedication to fostering inclusive environments.  

History of the fight for LGBTQ+ rights in Ukraine through art and activism

Ukraine Queer Free event speakers
20 April 2023

On Thursday 20 April 2023, the Centre for Gender and Diversity hosted a symposium with lectures and film screenings from four Ukrainian queer artists, researchers and filmmakers who were discussing what it takes to be Ukrainian, queer, and free. It was organized by the first FASoS Soteria fellow, Maria Vtorushina, who is researching Ukrainian queer art history through a decolonial lens, and working as a curator. She is a CGD member during her yearlong fellowship (2023-2024), and this symposium is an important milestone in her research that aims to develop artistic programs and a lineage of Ukrainian queer art histories.

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Workshop and Lecture Prof. Nolwazi Mkhwanazi

CGD Workshop nov. 2022
2 November 2022

On Wednesday 2 November 2022, the Centre for Gender and Diversity hosted a workshop and a lecture by the medical anthropologist Prof. Nolwazi Mkhwanazi of the University of Pretoria. These CGD events were organized by Karlien Strijbosch, PhD candidate with a project that focuses on how Senegalese returnees navigate masculine dignity and vulnerability in relation to the European migration regime with a focus on marriage and sexuality. Prof. Mkhwanazi is interested in issues relating to life course, kinship and care. While she has also done research on ageing and care, her main focus has been on young people, reproduction, sexuality and gender. These are all topics close to the heart of the Centre for Gender and Diversity.
The morning program was a workshop led by Mkhwanazi with five scholars on the topic of “Researching Gender, Sexuality and Health beyond European contexts.” These early career scholars presented work in progress and shared the dilemmas that they encountered in their fieldwork. Presenters were Pieter du Plessis (Maastricht University, Teaching fellow, Philosophy/CGD), Ricky Janssen (Maastricht University, PhD candidate Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences), Karlien Strijbosch (Maastricht University, PhD candidate, Globalization, Transnationalism and Development/CGD), Arthur Holavins (Maastricht university, Postdoctoral fellow Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences), and Annelien Bouland (University Carlos III Madrid, postdoctoral fellow). The session was concluded with lunch and a group photograph.

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Welcome back party for the Centre of Gender and Diversity

CGD Welcome back party
21 September 2022

On Wednesday 21 September 2022 from 11-12:30 pm some twenty-five people gathered together at the welcome (back) party, hosted by the new director of the CGD, Eliza Steinbock Associate Professor of Gender and Diversity.

Eliza and vice-dean of Research Sally Wyatt gave former director Lies Wesseling a warm thank you for her ten years of service. After a round of introductions, including of the CGD’s student assistant, Rahel Koch, who is revamping the CGD’s online presence and helping to organize our events, the meeting got started.

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Diversity and Inclusion Research in Dutch collections and Museums

20 October 2022

On October 20, 2022 from 11:30-13:00 the Centre for Gender and Diversity (CGD) and the Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (MACCH) jointly hosted an event on Diversity and Inclusion Research in Dutch Collections and Museums attended by sixteen people in the Spiegelzaal (Grote Gracht 80-82). The audience included MACCH director Claartje Rasterhoff, MA Arts and Culture students, PhD Candidates, Teaching Fellows, and Staff.

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