Centre and Diversity's 25th anniversary symposium on Intergenerational Feminism

Feminism is for everybody

Reflecting on an incredible two days of dialogue and celebration at the Centre for Gender and Diversity’s 25-year anniversary symposium on Intergenerational Feminisms! đźŽ‰âś¨
From UM president’s and FASoS dean’s powerful words to the diverse perspectives shared, our discussions delved deep into reimagining feminist praxis inclusive of spaces, times, and generations. The legacy of our passionate politics was redefined beyond traditional narratives, questioning generational divides and scarcity competition among resources.

The symposium sparked crucial questions: How can feminism unite successive generations rather than pit them against each other? What’s the impact of today’s feminist pedagogy outside academia? How does intergenerational thinking reshape concepts of intimacy, space, and time?

We revisited the CGD’s remarkable journey, honoring 25 years of intersectional scholarship at UM. The event featured insightful discussions among past and present directors, a creative keynote by Prof. Iris van der Tuin, and engaging roundtables with scholars, activists, and artists exploring intersectional legacies, counter-archiving, tech’s feminist power, academic leadership, pedagogy, and publication cultures.
This symposium wasn’t just a reflection—it was a call to action. It urged us to refocus on pressing issues fallen off the broader feminist agenda, demanding our immediate attention.

To all who joined—past, present, and future CGD colleagues and collaborators—your presence and insights enriched this vibrant exchange. Here’s to preserving what matters, letting go of the outdated, and envisioning a more inclusive, intersectional feminist legacy! 
A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this event a resounding success. Let’s carry these discussions forward and continue shaping a feminist praxis that truly embraces everybody.