After your PhD


CAPHRI trains highly employable and skilled PhDs for independent research positions in the academic, industrial and governmental labour market. Our alumni analysis shows that about all (100%) of CAPHRI PhD graduates have found a new job at the time of their PhD defense (or earlier!) and in case of external PhDs, continue working at their current employer. A high number in comparison with national figures, more than two-thirds, stay in research-related fields in and outside academia, often combined with teaching activities (29%). About half work in the health care sector (often combined with research) and 16% in consultancy or policy advice.

Postdoc funding opportunities

If you are in the final year of your PhD trajectory and would you like to continue your career in science, it is important to discuss this with your supervisors and already start thinking about potential personal grants to fund a postdoct position. There are several options you could consider, including the Kootstra Talent Fellowship from MUMC+, the NWO Talent Programme Veni, or postdoctoral fellowships for research abroad. International research experience can be a great stimulus for building your scientific career and becoming an independent researcher. Two large grant programs offer talented researchers the opportunity to gain experience at a top research institution abroad: the NWO Rubicon (NL), and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (EU). You can find a short overview of these calls here. You can contact CAPHRI's Funding Advisor Vivian Braeken ( for more information or to discuss your eligibility.

Staff Career Centre

Staff Career Centre visual

The Staff Career Centre at Maastricht University has a team that is dedicated specifically to the training and current and future career support of PhD candidates and postdocs who are employed by Maastricht University. You can contact them for help with issues related to coaching; courses and workshops; and learning, development and your career. Their coaching is specifically focused on your work and career, but they also offer personal coaching that is related to your work. In addition, they offer courses and workshops to develop your transferable skills such as personal effectiveness, presentation, assertiveness and self-management skills. Also, you can contact them for all other questions related to learning, development and your career. This could include, for example, getting feedback on your CV and cover letters and practicing a job interview. You can find more information and contact details here.