Vacancy request procedure CAPHRI

Are you a CAPHRI employee and do you want to advertise a job vacancy and/or appoint a new staff member? Please follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Vacancy request form

Open the relevant vacancy request form below and fill in the requested information. Please check which attachments you have to include to your e-mail in step 2. 

Vacancy request forms for: 

Step 2: Attachments

Please check which attachments you have to include to your e-mail. Attachments please in pdf, except for the vacancy advertising text (in word).

Table 1. Overview attachments

AttachmentEmployment contract (paid)Guest
Med. spec. appointmentExternal employee (registration)Trainee / internshipPaid student ass. UMInterUM appointment
CVif candidate is known*if candidate is known*yes*yes* yes* 
Information form click here * click here *click here *click here * 
Passportif candidate is known*if candidate is known*yes* yes*  
Motivationif candidate is known*if candidate is known*yes*yes*yes*yes*yes*
Payroll tax form    if paid
(click here)*
(click here) 
Assessment interview** + request department chairin case of permanent appointment or promotion      
Residence permit,
if already present
if applicableif applicable  if applicableif applicable 
Proof of financial means if no Dutch passport  if unpaid and no Dutch passport  
Project descriptionif PhD candidate*if PhD candidate*     
Vacancy advertising text for
Academic Transfer
if there is no candidate yet*      
Registration form FHML PhD candidateif PhD candidate* and candidate is known
(click here)
if PhD candidate* and candidate known
(click here)
 if PhD candidate* and candidate known
(click here)
Financial guaranteeif applicable      
Checklist: Job requirementsyes* (click here)      

* only in case of 1st appointment, this does not apply to extension of an existing appointment.
** for privacy reasons, send the report of the assessment form to HR, not as an attachment to the vacancy request form.

Step 3: Send your vacancy request

Send the vacancy request form together with the relevant attachments to your portfolio manager (see table below). Please cc the head of your department.

(NOTE: Request forms for guest agreements can be send to Please cc the head of your department).

Table 2. Portfolio managers and BB's

Research Line Budget groupPortfolio managerE-mail address
Ageing and Long-Term CareBB AWOE. van den
 BB VerbeekE. van den
Creating Value-Based HealthcareBB AWPGD.
 BB CzabanowskaD.
 BB PaulusD.
 BB WestraD.
Functioning, Participation and RehabilitationBB BoonenD.
 BB de BieD.
 BB KantD.
 BB WeltingD.
 BB VerbuntD.
Health Inequities and Societal ParticipationBB BosmaR.
 BB HoebeR.
 BB HorstmanS.
 BB KrafftS.
 BB SavelkoulR.
Optimising Patient Care BB CalsE. van den
 BB SmitsE. van den
 BB van SchayckE. van den
 BB ZeegersE. van den
Promoting Health and Personalised Care BB BreukelenS.
 BB de WertS.
 BB H. de VriesS.
 BB N. de VriesS.
 BB van der WeijdenS.


Do you have questions about the vacancy request procedure? Please contact Chantal Claessens: