Confidential advisor for students

Maastricht University (UM) does not tolerate any form of inappropriate behaviour or unequal treatment. UM students who experience undesirable behaviour can get help from a confidential advisor.


Inappropriate behaviour

What is inappropriate behaviour?

What can you do yourself?

In cases of inappropriate behaviour, it is important to take action. Lingering on it for too long can lead to stress and psychological or physical complaints.

In order to stop the undesired behaviour, it is important that you make this behaviour negotiable. The perpetrator may not be aware that they are a nuisance to you. You can do this through the informal route: you can contact the person exhibiting the undesirable behaviour and point out to them that this behaviour bothers you. You can also have this conversation together with someone, or contact the confidential advisor.

In any case, do not keep walking around with it, but talk about it.

What is the role of a confidential advisor?

The confidential advisor will discuss your problem with you in confidentiality. The confidential advisor will listen, advise and explore together how the problem can be solved. Under all circumstances your story will be kept confidential and action will only be taken if you agree. The confidential advisor can also guide you in having conversations with the person you no longer feel safe with, possibly in the presence of their supervisor. The confidential advisor is not a mediator, but a support for the student. The starting point is always your feelings, the fact that you feel intimidated in any way. The confidential advisor will always represent your interests. You can also choose to make a report on your own.

If the informal route does not lead to a solution, it is possible to submit a formal complaint to the Executive Board. The Executive Board has adopted a regulation on reporting and complaint handling of undesirable behaviour that tells you exactly what such a complaint must meet and what the procedure looks like. In addition, the regulation on the joint complaint committee for undesirable behaviour also applies. The Executive Board has set up an independent committee to handle complaints.

The confidential advisor can support you in filing a complaint. It is also possible to file a complaint directly through the Complaints Service Point without the intervention of the confidential advisor.

Read more about reporting undesirable behavior here.

As a defendant you also have the right to a confidential advisor.

What does the confidential advisor not do?

The confidential advisor for students does not act as a mediator, will not intervene in court proceedings and is not out to find truth.