Quick Psychological Referral

Do you have a question related to your wellbeing or mental health? Do you not know where to go for psychological support? Contact the UM Psychologists for a Quick Psychological Referral (QPR). A QPR is a ten-minute meeting online or at the SSC in which you can briefly describe your current situation and ask your most relevant questions. The UM Psychologists will refer you to the right care within or outside UM.

What we offer is a quick look at your current situation, advice on what to do next and/or a specific referral. You can also use the link 'How to find the right support?' to find out what help can be offered considering your request.

The QPR takes place several times a week. If you cannot immediately find a free appointment, we advise you to regularly consult our website. All information acquired during the QPR session is treated confidentially and will not be registered. It is your own responsibility to act on the advice of the UM Psychologists.

Make an appointment online for a QPR, choosing the option QPR Online or QPR at the SSC in the drop down menu. The UM Psychologist will contact you at the time of your appointment.

We think it's important that you can book a QPR with the UM Psychologists as soon as possible. For that reason, we monitor the waiting time on a weekly basis. The QPR appointments are added three weeks in advance. If you do not immediately find an appointment, we advise you to regularly consult the website again.‚Äč

How to make the most of your ten minutes:

  • Be on time. 
  • Try to verbalise what your biggest concern/issue is.

Emergency or crisis?  
Contact your GP

Outside office hours call the Maastricht UMC+ GP Medical Post  (huisartsenpost HAP) +31 (0)43 75 00 123.

For life threatening situations, dial 112.
If you are having suicidal thoughts, dial 0800-0113 or go to 113.nl.