Reporting undesirable behaviour

If you as a student are confronted with undesirable behaviour, an open conversation with the other party may be enough. If that does not help, or you would rather not do that, then you can turn to the confidential adviser for students. If you want to submit an official complaint then you can do that at the Complaints Service Point (CSP).

Undesirable behaviour is behaviour where somebody harms your personal integrity. Examples of this are: sexual intimidation, aggression and violence or bullying. But it also includes abuse of power, unfair treatment or discrimination. It can be expressed in many forms: verbal and non-verbal, physical, digital, by phone or for example via chatting, text messages, WhatsApp or on social media.

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Undesirable behaviour can be reported in two ways

  1. Via the informal procedure through a confidential advisor
  2. Via the formal procedure through the Complaints Service Point

1. Reporting undesirable behaviour informally to the confidential adviser

The confidential advisor offers you a listening ear, can help you to find a solution yourself or can mediate in finding a solution. As long as your case is with the confidential advisor efforts are made to resolve your complaint informally. You can also choose simply to report the case. Everything that you discuss with her will of course remain confidential.

Do you want to make your complaint formal? Then the confidential advisor can help you file a written complaint at the CSP.

Wendy G

Confidential advisors

Wendy Geijen
+31 (0)6 28 03 50 33
Bonnefantenstraat 2, room B1.23, Maastricht


Romy Beuken
+31 (0)6 39 58 21 66
Bonnefantenstraat 2, room B1.33, Maastricht


Tessa Fox
+31 (0)43 88 53 61
Paul-Henri Spaaklaan 1, PHS room C1.020t, Maastricht

Wendy B

Wendy Brandt
+31 (0)43 88 34 54
Paul-Henri Spaaklaan 1, PHS Room C1.020, Maastricht

2. Reporting undesirable behaviour formally to the CSP

If you choose to file a formal complaint then you can do that directly to the CSP.

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