Complaints Service Point: the service desk for students for objections, appeals or complaints

The CSP is the general desk of UM that is available for students if you do not agree with a decision taken by a person or body within the UM, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly by a person or body within the UM.

Competence CSP

The Complaints Service Point (CSP) is a facility as directed in article 7.59a of the Dutch higher education and scientific research act (Wet op het Hoger onderwijs en het Wetenschappelijk onderzoek, WHW). This means that the CSP aims to provide an accessible way to file an objection, appeal or a complaint. The CSP will confirm the receipt of your case and will forward the entire case as swiftly as possible to the competent body or person. This means that the CSP does not assess any case themselves or respond to a case substantially. The CSP merely makes sure that your case is forwarded promptly to the right person or body within the UM who assesses your case substantially.

It is often possible to find a solution together

Once you file an objection, appeal or complaint you start an official legal procedure. Therefore, sometimes it is beneficial to try to discuss your situation with the person or body concerned before starting a legal procedure. Often, it is possible to find a fitting solution together. If this is not feasible or if the issue is too sensitive, you can file your objection, appeal or complaint directly with the CSP.

An objection

You can file an objection if you do not agree with a written decision that has been taken by or on behalf of a body of the university, such as the Executive Board. For example, this can be a decision concerning your admission to a Bachelor's programme, your registration or the applicable tuition fees.

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An appeal

You can lodge an appeal if you do not agree with a written decision of a person or body within the university as listed in Dutch law (article 7.61 of the Dutch higher education and research Act). For example, a decision of the Board of Examiners, an examiner or about a (negative) binding study advice or about admission to a Master’s programme.

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A complaint

You can file a complaint when you view the way you have been treated – no matter the circumstances – as unfairly or incorrect. Also in cases of unsolicited or transgressive behaviour or undesirable sexual behaviour or sexual harassment/assault you can file a formal complaint. In these situations it is important to mention that it is possible (first) contact the UM’s confidential adviser for students. With the UM’s confidential adviser for students you can discuss the situation in a private and confidential atmosphere and receive support and help where desired. After consulting the UM’s confidential adviser it is also still possible to file a formal complaint.

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When is the CSP not the right facility?

Sending your case to the CSP is not always the right way to proceed. Therefore, please consider if the decision is a written decision taken by or on behalf of a person or body within the UM. If you are unsure, written decisions of the UM often have an objection- or appeal-clause at the bottom. This indicates that you can file an objection or appeal against that decision. For example, in the following cases the CSP is not the right facility:

Warning Negative Binding Study Advice (NBSA)
It is not possible to lodge an appeal against a warning regarding a possible Negative Binding Study Advice. This is not possible because a warning is not a decision as meant in article 1:3 of the General Dutch administrative law act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht). You can only lodge an appeal once you have received the official decision regarding your (negative) binding study advice. If you have questions with regard to the warning or notice of a negative binding study advice, you can contact your study adviser.

Board of Examiners
If you have any questions or complaints regarding the organisation of an exam or if you wish to make a special request regarding an exam, it is best to contact the Board of Examiners of your faculty. You can find the contact details of the Board of Examiners of your faculty on intranet.