UM Student Deans


UM students can call upon the UM Student Deans for information and advice on their legal position as a student. The UM Student Deans work throughout the entire university and are independent. They will be glad to help you find a solution. Naturally, all the information you share with a UM Student Dean will be treated confidentially.

Below you will find an overview of what you the UM Student Deans can and cannot help you with. You can also watch the video for more information. 

If, after reading the information and/or watching the video below, you still have questions about one of the topics in the left column, please contact one of the UM Student Deans by email.

The UM Student Deans are: Joyce Brouwers, Dorothé Garé, Veronique Houtackers, Claire Kluijfhout, Judith Kraal and Roja Takhtetchian.

What we can help you with What we refer you to other services for
  • Financial support 'Profileringsfonds'
    Financial support from the UM Profileringsfonds in case of (expected) study delay caused by the following special circumstances:
    - Special personal circumstances;
    - Administrative positions;
    - Practicing top-level sports.

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  • Disability Support
    Students with a disability can contact Disability Support for information, advice and support. Do you want to request facilities, such as extra exam time or a smaller exam room? Then contact Disability Support.

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  • Tuition fees and second study
    For questions about your tuition fee or if you want to do a second study (second Bachelor or second Master), you can contact the UM Student Deans.
  • Study adviser
    For (substantive) study-related questions such as the educational curriculum, study delay and making a study plan, you can contact your Study adviser.
  • Promotion Fund
    To apply for a subsidy for student activities and an annual subsidy for student organizations.
  • Huurteam Zuid-Limburg
    You can contact Huurteam Zuid-Limburg for problems with your rent, lease or with your landlord.
  • Private fund
    You can request a gift or loan from a private fund to pay for your tuition fees and/or study costs. You can contact the UM Student Deans for a letter of support.
  • Student finance DUO
    You can get Dutch student finance through DUO to help pay for your studies. You must meet a number of conditions. If you have any questions about, for example, extending your performance-related grant or the diploma term, you can contact the UM Student Deans.
  • Regulations and decisions of UM
    Such as the Enrollment provisions, Student charter, Codes of Conduct and Education and Examination Regulations. For questions and/or uncertainties about these regulations and your legal position, you can contact the UM Student Deans.
  • Objection, appeal or complaint
    You can submit an objection, appeal or complaint via the Complaints Service Point (CSP). For legal questions about this, you can contact the UM Student Deans.
  • Health insurance
    Everyone aged 18 years or older who lives or works in the Netherlands must have health insurance. This is a legal requirement that also applies to students. For questions about this you can contact the UM Student Deans.


Ask your question via email

You can ask your question directly via email. Always mention your student ID, ask your question clearly in your email, and mention everything you consider important.

Making an online appointment with a UM Student Dean

Would you prefer to have a face-to-face conversation? Then make an appointment with the UM Student Dean      

Changing or cancelling your appointment online

If you cannot make your appointment or if you want to reschedule, please notify us via the online tool    

Make sure you cancel on time. If you fail to do so, we can charge administration costs.