Research theme: Neuromodulation
Clinical pillar: Movement

  • Adaptive deep brain stimulation based on experience sampling methodology combined with peripheral wearable sensors.
  • Mechanistic studies to unravel the pathophysiological basis behind the effects and side effects of neuro-modulation.
  • Investigating novel targets and indications for neuro-modulation.
  • Exploring new technologies to apply network and symptom-specific neuro-modulation.

Unique contributions and highlights

  • Funded research line (Guy Peeters fonds, NFU, Weijerhorst, Abbott, Hersenstichting, ISAO, VENI, CHDI, Prosensa BV).
  • Adaptive DBS using external feedback loop.
  • Investigating circuitopathy in post-mortem Parkinson’s Disease (PD) brains using ultrahigh field (9.4T) MR imaging.
  • Exploring the working mechanisms of DBS in PD using cell-specific viral tool, DREADD and optogenetic techniques.
  • Wireless microneuromodulation in PD using magnetic nanoparticles.
  • First group to explore sensor-ESM combination in Parkinson’s disease.
  • First publications in Movement Disorders, Nature partner journal on Parkinson’s Disease, and Journal of Medical Internet Research.

  Pieter Kubben