MYA members

Vanessa LaPointe (Chair)

Research field - Regenerative Medicine 

Department of Cell Biology–Inspired Tissue Engineering - Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences 

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Vanessa LaPointe: Improving regenerative medicine therapies

Christoph Rausch (Vice Chair)

Research field -  Cultural Anthropology, Social Studies of Art and Finance

University College Maastricht – Faculty of Sciences and Engineering

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Christoph Rausch: Studying global relations between art and finance in the 21st century

Christof Defryn

Research field - Operations Research

Department of Quantitative Economics - School of Business and Economics

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Christof Defryn: Developing smart and collaborative logistics for a more sustainable future

Adam Dixon

Research field - Globalization & Development 

Department of Society Studies - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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Adam Dixon: Studying the relationship between state and capital in a transforming global economy

Sonja Fransen

Research field - Forced Migration and Development

Department of United Nations University - UNU-MERIT - School of Business and Economics

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Katleen Gabriels

Research field - Ethics and Philosophy of (Computer) Technology 

Department of Philosophy - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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Therese Grohnert

Research field: Workplace learning for judgment and decision-making in professional service firms

Department of Educational Research & Development - School of Business and Economics

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Mark Kawakami

Research Field - International Business Law, Corporate Social Responsibility & Human Rights

Private Law -  Faculty of Law

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Mark Kawakami: Studying pro-social company behaviour for improving societal and environmental out...

Lotte Lemmens

Research Field - Clinical Psychology

Department of Clinical Psychological Science – Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

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Lotte Lemmens: Optimising psychotherapy treatment outcomes for the betterment of science and society

Aurore Lyon

Research field - Computational Cardiovascular Research

Department of Biomedical Engineering – Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences

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Rico Möckel

Research field - Cognitive Robotics & Intelligent Systems

Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering - Faculty of Science and Engineering

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Rico Möckel: Studying cognitive robotics and intelligence systems to support humans

Costas Papadopoulos

Research field - Digital Humanities, Archaeology, and Heritage

Department of Literature & Art - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

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Jenny Schell- Leugers

Research field - Legal Psychology

University College Maastricht 

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Anna Schüth

Research field - Light-sheet microscopy, Optical tissue clearing, 3D histology - Human brain (healthy, Alzheimer`s disease, Vascular dementia) & Prostate cancer

Department of Cognitive Neuroscience - Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience

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Donna Yates

Research field - Art and Cultural Heritage Crime

Department of Criminal Law and Criminology - Faculty of Law

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