In a close collaboration between AMIBM and MSP, we have been focusing on the development of Vanadium and group IV (Ti) based catalysts that polymerise alkenes to make high molecular weight polymers (UHMWPE, in particular).

These catalyst precursors tend to be highly reactive and advanced synthetic (Schlenk and glove-box) techniques are employed. The emerging polymerisation reactions are carried out at high pressures and the polymers characterised by advanced techniques including Rheology and DSC.  We are also engaged in mechanistic studies of how these complexes are activated with co-catalysts.

We also enjoy a collaboration with University of Cologne's Prof Axel Klein, who is involved in catalytically relevant Ni(II) and Pd(II) complexes and have a vigorous student exchange with his group. We have also interacted with Christian van Slagmaat who developed iron-based catalysts in collaboration with two of our students.


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Student participation

Nickel and Palladium Chemistry

Development of Titanium Based Catalysts for Ethylene Polymerisation and Mechanistic Studies.

We studied the activation of a series of group IV complexes of Titanium with a variety of alkyl aluminium reagents, did ethene polymerisation and rheology on the emerging polymers; and Density functional theory calculations (DFT) to discover why certain activations lead to higher polymerisation rates. Published in ChemCatChem

Student: Yara. van Ingen

Iron based Catalysis

A series of cyclopentadienyl iron based complexes were prepared and fully characterised by spectroscopic means and used as catalyst precursors. DFT studies elucidating the electronic structure was also reported. Carried out under the supervision of Christiaan van Slagmaat. Published in Catalysts

Students: Alfonso Schwalb and Khi Chou