Bachelor's Thesis Research

In the last semester of the Maastricht Science Programme (MSP), students carry out a one-semester long piece of research as the final part of their scientific training in the Bachelor Thesis Research. Part of the assessment is creating a video where students have to explain their research to non-scientific public.

Students may study with a member of MSP staff, at other Maastricht University institute or at another institution within or outside the Netherlands. In their BTR research, students specialise in a scientific area of their choosing, and are expected to experience the entire scientific cycle, starting with a problem, formulating of a scientific question and hypotheses, experimentation and reporting.

MSP student Luna shares her experiences during her Bachelor's Thesis Research.

Investigating the role of PINK1 and Parkin independent mitophagy in Parkinson's disease

Natalie Sepke

The Diamond Frame: Extracting form factors in untagged analyses of semileptonic B decays

Simon Calo

Into the black box of cardiorenal syndrome the roles of uremic toxins and lipoxidation products in vascular calcification

Csarina Baker

Comparing oyster phenotypes (Bivalvia, Ostreodia) and patterns of epifaunal diversity in the Vaals, Gulpen and Maastricht Formations (upper cretaceous) of Liège-Limburg

Selien op de Kamp

Investigating the Effect of Temperature and Molecular Weight on Poly(lactide) Stereocomplexation Dynamics for Reinforced Additive Manufacturing

Elias Bach

Group dynamics and social functionality in zoo-housed red pandas

Charlie Simon