Working Papers 2014

Oliver Cojo Manuel, Third-Party Litigation Funding: Current State of Affairs and Prospects for its Further Development in Spain, No. 2014/20

Caroline Cauffman and Niels Philipsen, Who Does What in Competition Law: Harmonizing the Rules on Damages for Infringements of the EU Competition Rules?, No. 2014/19

Janwillem Oosterhuis, Unexpected Circumstances Arising from Word War I and Its Aftermath: 'Open' versus 'Closed' Legal Systems, No. 2014/18. Also published in Erasmus Law Review, volume 7, issue 2, pp. 67-79.

Katri Havu, Fault in EU Law Based Competition Restriction Damages Cases, No. 2014/16.

Willem Loof and Anna Berlee, Case Study: Harmonizing Security Rights, No. 2014/15. 

Bram Akkermans, European Union Constitutional Property Law, No. 2014/14.

Jaap Hage, Comparative Law as Method and the Method of Comparative Law, No. 2014/11. 

Jaap Hage, The Justification of Value Judgments, No. 2014/9. 

Jaap Hage, On Which Level Should Private Law in Europe Be Created?, No. 2014/8. 

Bram Akkermans, The Comparative Method in Property Law, No. 2014/7. 

Remco van Rhee, The Low Countries until 1800, No. 2014/6. 

Villy De Luca, The Conformity of the Goods to the Contract in International Sales, No. 2014/5. 

Remco van Rhee, An Unsuccesful Attempt to Modernise Civil Procedure in the Netherlands in the Early Twentieth Century, No. 2014/4. 

Remco van Rhee, Locus Standi in Dutch Civil Litigation in Comparative Perspective, No. 2014/3. 

Remco van Rhee, Presumptions in Dutch Private Law (19th and 20th Centuries) Within a European Context, No. 2014/2. 

Lotte Meurkens, The Punitive Damages Debate in Continental Europe: Food for Thought, No. 2014/1. 

Working Papers 2013

Janwillem Oosterhuis, Convergence and Unification of 19th-Century European Commercial Sales Law, No. 2013/16. 

Orsolya Tokaji-Nagy, The (In)Compatibility of Direct Selling Trade Barriers with EU Law: Before and After the Consumer Rights Directive, No. 2013/15

Sjef van Erp, Contract and Property Law: Distinct, but not Separate, No. 2013/14

Caroline Cauffman, The European Commission Proposal for a Directive on Antitrust Damages: A First Assessment, No. 2013/13

Jan Smits, Three Models of Legal Education and a Plea for Differentiation, No. 2013/12

Jan Smits, Of the Vocation of Our Age Against Codification: On Civil Codes in the Information Society, No. 2013/11

Nicole Kornet, Future-Minded Legal Education in Europe: The European Law School, No. 2013/10

Bram Akkermans, Standardisation of Property Rights in European Property Law, No. 2013/09

Nicole Kornet, The Interpretation and Fairness of Standardized Terms: Certainty and Predictability Under the CESL and the CISG Compared, No. 2013/08

Bram Akkermans, The Use of the Functional Method In European Union Property Law, No. 2013/07

Jaap Hage, Conceptual Tools for Legislators Part 2: Pathways through the World of Law, No. 2013/06

Caroline Cauffman, The Principle of Proportionality and European Contract Law, No. 2013/05

Caroline Cauffman, The Impact of EU Law on Belgian Consumer Law Terminology, No. 2013/04 

Caroline Cauffman, The Impact of Voidness for Infringement of Article 101 TFEU on Linked Contracts, No. 2013/03

Jan Smits, Private Law in a Post-National Society: From Ex Post to Ex Ante Governance Maastricht European Private Law Institute, No. 2013/2

Jan Smits, Problems of Uniform Sales Law – Why the CISG May Not Promote International Trade Maastricht European Private Law Institute, No. 2013/1

Working Papers 2012

Jaakko Husa, Legal Culture vs. Legal Tradition - Different Epistemologies?, No 2012/18

Jan Smits and William Bull, European Harmonisation of Intellectual Property Law: Towards a Competitive Model and a Critique of the Proposed Unified Patent Court, No 2012/16

Jan Smits, Rethinking Methods in European Private Law, No 2012/15

Bram Akkermans & Eveline Ramaekers, Lex Rei Sitae in Perspective: National Developments of a Common Rule? No 2012/14 

Jan Smits, Party Choice and the Common European Sales Law, or: How to Prevent the CESL from Becoming a Lemon on the Law Market, No 2012/13

Constanze Semmelman, The Public-Private Divide in European Union Law or an Overkill of Functionalism, No 2012/12

Jan Smits, The Common European Sales Law (CESL) Beyond Party Choice, No 2012/11

Jaap Hage, Juridical Acts and the Gap between Is and Ought, No 2012/10

Jan Smits, What Do Nationalists Maximise? A Public Choice Perspective on the (Non-) Europeanization of Private Law, No 2012/9

Jaap Hage, The Deontic Furniture of the World: An Analysis of the Basic Concepts that Embody Normativity, No 2012/8

Constanze Semmelmann, Legal Principles in EU Law as an Expression of a European Legal Culture between Unity and Diversity, No 2012/7

Ursula Pachl, The Common European Sales Law - Have the Right Choices Been Made? A Consumer Policy Perspective, No 2012/6

Giesela Ruhl, The Common European Sales Law: 28th Regime, 2nd Regime or 1st Regime?, No 2012/5

Nicole Kornet, The Common European Sales Law and the CISG-Complicating or simplifying the Legal Environment?, No 2012/4

Caroline Cauffman, Access to Leniency related Documents after Pfleiderer, No 2012/3

Gary Low, A Numbers Game – The Legal Basis for an Optional Instrument in European Contract Law, No 2012/2

Jan Smits, A Radical View of Legal Pluralism, No 2012/1 

Working Papers 2011

Jaap Hage, Construction or Reconstruction? On the Function of Argumentation in the Law, No 2011/37  

Jaap Hage, Can Legal Theory Be Objective? , No 2011/36 

Jan Smits, Michael G. Faure, Does Law Matter? An Introduction, No 2011/35

Caroline Cauffman, The interaction of Leniency Programmes and Actions for Damages, No 2011/34

Mieke Olaerts & Caroline Cauffman, Química: further developing the rules on parent company liability. No 2011/33  

Mirjami Paso, Court of Justice of the European union as a rhetorical figure. No 2011/32

Jan Smits, Is Law a Parasite? An Evolutionary Explanation of Differences Among Legal Traditions, No 2011/31

Bram Akkermans, The European Union Development of European Property law, No 2011/30

Bram Akkermans, The role of the (D)CFR in the making of European property Law, No 2011/29

Remco van Rhee, Harmonisation of civil procedure: an historical and comparative perspective, No 2011/28

Bram Akkermans, The European Union Development of European Property Law, No 2011/27

Bram Akkermans & E. Ramaekers, Free Movement of Goods and Property Law, No 2011/26

Lars van Vliet, Acquisition and Loss of Ownership of Goods – Book VIII of the Draft Common Frame of Reference, No 2011/25.

Lars van Vliet, Transfer of Movables as a Legal Act, No 2011/24

Lars van Vliet, A Factual Assessment of Book 8 of the Draft Common Frame of Reference (Acquisition and Loss of Ownership of Goods), No 2011/23

Michael Faure, Regulatory Strategies in Environmental Liability, No 2011/22. 

Lars van Vliet,  Mortgages on Immovables in Dutch Law in Comparison to the German Mortgage and Land Charge, No 2011/21.

Michael Faure, Globalization and Multi-Level Governance of Environmental Harm, No 2011/20. 

Jaap Hage, Elusive normativity: a review article on Bertea's the normative claim of law, No 2011/19.

Nicole Kornet, English-medium legal education in continental Europe: Maastricht University's European Law School - experiences and challenges, No 2011/18. 

Nicole Kornet, Building a European-oriented law curriculum, No 2011/17. 
Remco van Rhee, Introduction in within a reasonable time: the history of due and undue delay in civil litigation, No 2011/16

Remco van Rhee, The history of the 'huissier de justice'in the low countries, No 2011/15.

Jan Smits, Plurality of Sources in European Private Law, or: How to Live with Legal Diversity? No 2011/14. 

Jaap Hage, A model of legal acts: part 2: the operation of legal acts, No 2011/13.

Jaap Hage, A model of legal acts: part 1: the world of law, No 2011/12.

Jaap Hage, Comparative Law and Legal Science, No 2011/11.

Sjef van Erp, Teaching law in Europe: from an intra-systemic, via a trans-systemic to a supra-systemic approach, No 2011/10

Jaap Hage, Legal Transactions and the Derivation of 'Ought' from 'Is', No 2011/09.
Jaap Hage, The Method of a Truly Normative Legal Science, No 2011/08.

Nicole Kornet, Evolving general principles of international commercial contract the unidroit principles and favor contractus, No 2011/07. 

Nicole Kornet, Contracting in China: Comparative Observations on Freedom of Contract, Contract Formation, Battle of Forms and Standard Form Contracts, No 2011/06. 

Caroline Cauffman, Injunctions at the Request of Third Parties in EU Competition Law, No 2011/05

Caroline Cauffman, The DCFR and the Attempts to Increase the Private Enforcement of Competition Law: Convergences and Divergences, No 2011/04.

Martin Gelter & Mathias Siems, Networks, Dialogues or One-Way Traffic? An Empirical Analysis of Cross-Citations Between Ten European Supreme Courts, No. 2011/03.

Jan Smits, European Legal Education, or: How to Prepare Students for Global Citizenship? No. 2011/02

Jan Smits, The Right to Change Your Mind? Rethining the Usefulness of Mandatory Rights of Withdrawal in Consumer Contract Law, No.2011/01. 

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