M-EPLI Education

M-EPLI PhD Programme

Almost all education at M-EPLI centres around PhD research. M-EPLI welcomes PhD-researchers from around the world, with senior-researchers and PhD-researchers from different nationalities and an academic atmosphere defined by the fact that many of our members have worked abroad.

At M-EPLI, the working language is English: all seminars and conferences and theses are in English. English is also largely the language of casual conversation, coffees, and lunch. Maastricht is an internationally oriented town: you can get by with English at most businesses and throughout your daily life.

Student projects

As part of the UM-wide commitment to incorporate research into every level of education, M-EPLI welcomes bachelor’s and master’s students to conduct research projects related to various aspects of European private law. This can take different forms, from writing a bachelor or master thesis with one of M-EPLI’s staff members, preparing a PhD research proposal, or working as a research assistant or student-assistant.

For more information, please contact one of us
or send an email to mepli[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl.