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IGIR’s ambition is to conduct pioneering research in international economic law (trade, intellectual property and investment) addressing problems and challenges resulting from the process of economic globalization. The IGIR Reporter provides news items, blogs and reports on research and education in this field with the view to provide information on how trust in trade can be maintained in a fast-changing world.



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  • “ A handbook, a practical tool for users ”; this is how Dr. Thomas Kirchberger defines his thesis, in which he covers the relation between Open Design and Intellectual Property. On Friday 29 th of September 2017, Dr. Kirchberger came to our Law Faculty to discuss this topic and analyse how open...

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  • The world faces the growing problem of global warming. This phenomenon leads to unprecedented social effects in human history. Consequently, it is imperative to mitigate this problem. International Organizations and countries are working together in order to better deal with this issue.

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