Research Health Promotion

At Maastricht University, research activities are embedded within research institutes. The Department of Health Promotion participates in CAPHRI and NUTRIM.

CAPHRI: Care and Public Health Research Institute

CAPHRI aims to create a healthy society for everyone, by performing high quality research to innovate in care and public health. The Department of Health Promotion is a core department in CAPHRI. CAPHRI is organised along six thematic-oriented research lines in which researchers from different departments operate together in multidisciplinary teams. Research from the Department of Health Promotion falls under the Research Line ‘Promoting Health and Personalised Care’. Our research focuses on topics related to personalized prevention and healthcare interventions using innovative eHealth, interprofessional learning, and shared decision-making principles.

​​​​​​​NUTRIM: Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism

Within NUTRIM, our focus is on energy-balance related behaviours, combining individual with higher order ecological levels. In general, there is a strong focus on the interaction between individual and environmental determinants, the development, evaluation, implementation and scaling up of new or successful existing interventions. These concern physical activity and nutrition-related behaviours, with a special focus on (very) young people and families and on environmental interventions to support health protective behaviours.