Education Health Promotion

We are actively involved in education and teaching, including our Bachelor's programme in Health Sciences and our Master's programme in Health Education and Promotion.

Bachelor's programme Health Sciences

The Bachelor's programme in Health Sciences is an interdisciplinary programme addressing health from a multidisciplinary perspective (e.g., behaviour, biology, policy). The programme is mostly taught in Dutch but also partially in English as part of the international classroom. The programme incorporates five specialization tracks and we are responsible for the Prevention and Health track, focusing on health promotion, health protection and disease prevention. Further, we are actively involved in the Digital Health and Care track.

"The Prevention and Health track is about promoting healthy behaviour in a healthy environment. So, you don’t only focus on people themselves, but also on how their environment can support them.”
- Eliza

Master's programme Health Education and Promotion

The Master of Science programme in Health Education and Promotion equips future health promoters with knowledge, skills, and abilities to plan, design, implement, and evaluate health promotion activities. This programme is taught in English.

Within the program, the focus is on core elements in the process of understanding and changing health-related behaviour both at the level of the individual and the environment. Using a planned and systematic approach, the programme first focuses on understanding health behaviours, and those factors that lead people to either engage or not engage in behaviours that contribute to health and well-being. In parallel, the programme explores how, and in what ways, health promoting interventions and policies can effectively contribute to health and well-being. Thirdly, the master’s programme focuses on how interventions and policies can be implemented and evaluated, and why implementation and evaluation are important.